Photography by Mariya Kovalyov

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I love taking photos. I think that I am at my happiest behind the camera lens, or processing, or just browsing, or learning something new.  While I love taking photos of people, and do so often, I am not good about collecting release forms, so you won’t find many images of people here. I have family and friends that let me chase them with my camera, but out of respect for their privacy I share the photos with them directly. What you will find here is mostly nature photography: walks in the forest, magical spots our neighborhood, sunlight, and more! I hope you enjoy them.


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For years I have used this Canon.

I love Canon, used it my entire life.  This particular camera has no eye viewer, which is a minus, manual shutter cover, which is a plus, and many more wonderful features.

I have finally saved up for a wonderful DSLR Camera, and now I use both, because my smaller camera is easier to carry.

I do print many of my photos, using Shutterfly.  I like the quality of the prints, books, cards, and many more items they provide.

Shutterfly Photo Books 728x90

Also, sometimes I touch up my photos using Gimp 2.  I love Gimp.  It is a wonderful software with many great features.  Takes a little bit to learn, especially after Adobe Photoshop.  It is definitely worth a try.  You can download it here:  The program is free to download, but they do accept donations! Please be sure to respect my copyright to these images and do not reproduce without my written permission! Thank you!

Click on the photo you want to see.  The newest pictures are first, and the older ones are towards the end.

If you like my photography, you might like to check out this presentation I made for a great group of kids on how to take better pictures:

Our Visit To Longwood Gardens Pennsylvania Daytrip DestinationsAwesome Photography Tips

I have created this page so that I can share all the photography tips, tricks and techniques that I have learned along the way.


I also recently had a fantastic photo show at our local library. It wasn’t a big deal, but it felt like one to me. I had a great time at the opening with my family and friends:

Photography by Mariya Kovalyov