My Art

Art by Mariya Kovalyov

Here you will find some of my art!

I love to paint, draw, sketch, doodle, and make things with my hands.  I enjoy it more and more with each passing day. Below I put some of my favorite paintings and drawings. I will update these pages with more images as I keep working on them.

I hope you enjoy the art I have to offer as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Just click on the picture or the material name to see more!

 Paintings and Drawings

These are some of my favorites that I have done over the years. I hope you enjoy them!


Here are some of the illustrations projects that I have finished or currently working on!

First here are some illustrations that I did for some small projects. I will update this album regularly.

 The Adventures Of Petunia

illustrated by Mariya Kovalyov

written by Judy England-McCarthy

After much hard work, collaborative efforts with the author and a lot of time, I am proud to say that ‘The Adventures of Petunia’ are finally printed and ready for sale.  Written by Judy England-McCarthy and illustrated by me, Mariya Kovalyov, it is a wonderful story about one cute, brave, determined pink pig.  Here are a few pictures from the book, in a non specific order, so as not to give any spoilers and no text.

Under A Baby Moon

illustrated by Mariya Kovalyov

written by Jennifer Johnson

This is a book that I illustrated a few years ago.  Here are a few of the illustrations, not all of them! I had to pick out my favorite ones! The book is about a birth, told by the sister to be. It is really a sweet book and great for preparing a child for a little brother or sister.  I learned a lot working on this book.  While not every page came out how I wanted it to, I am proud of the progress I made.  I also felt like this project pushed me outside my comfort zone, pushed me really far outside my comfort zone.  AND I LIKED IT!  Anyhow, here it is!