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Hello and welcome to Happy Family Art, where you will find fun places to visit around NJ, art lessons, craft tutorials, coloring pages and more! 

UPDATE: I started this website when my kids were 4 and 10, as you can imagine, now my life looks so different from then. I have been trying to re-evaluate where I am, and how this fits into what I do. The bottom line is, I still make art, and teach art, and go exploring fun places, it just all looks a little different than it did a decade ago. I will continue to post my artistic experiments (and there have been quite a few), and all the fun places we go to that are worthwhile.

What’s New:

Our visit to Cape May

Our Visit To Cape May

This has been a long time coming. I have lived in NJ for more than half of my life, and ...
Our Visit to Allaire State Park

Allaire State Park

Or An Ode to Robinwood Dinosaurs We went to Allaire State Park a few years back, in the winter of ...
Yarn Art Fun

Yarn Art Fun

This was a fun project to do with a group of kids. Especially if you have a bunch of little ...
How To Paint a Sunset With Watercolors

Watercolor Sunset

Watercolors can be tough when you are starting out. Luckily, this watercolor sunset is super easy to do. ***This page ...

New Coloring Pages

Free Coloring Pages. Be sure to share with us on our Facebook page!

Art Fun

Air Dry Clay Art Projects Or Adventures With Clay

Air Dry Clay Art Projects Or Adventures With Clay

I have been searching for the perfect air dry clay to use with a group of kids. The kids are ...
Georgia O'Keeffe Art History Lesson For Kids

Georgia O’Keeffe Art History Lesson For Kids

Everyone is familiar with Georgia O'Keeffe's larger then life flowers, and if they are not, they should be! She was ...
How To Draw Sunflowrs

How To Draw Sunflowers

This particular project took me a while to complete.  At first I just started drawing sunflowers and photographing every step, as ...

Places to Check Out

Our Visit To Hunterdon Art Museum

Our Visit To Hunterdon Art Museum

It was one of those winter weekends with really mellow weather. Since my kids didn't want to go, my husband ...
Our Visit To Batsto Village

Our Visit To Batsto Village

This spring we found ourselves in Hammonton NJ. From us this is quite a distance. We were there for an ...
Our Visit To Great Swam National Wildlife Refuge

Our Visit To Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

We have been to the Environmental Education Center, and we frequent the Raptor Trust, so it was quite surprising that ...

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NJ Travels

Here you will find all sorts of fun day trips all over New Jersey and surrounding states. You can read about our family’s experiences there and hopefully get out and have fun! Also, be sure to check out our very popular list of FREE OR INEXPENSIVE PLACES FOR FAMILY FUN IN AND AROUND NJ.

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Art Lessons

Take a look at the many art lessons we have. So far there is acrylic, watercolor, how to draw, amazing coloring pages and more!