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I doodle all the time.  For me it is very meditative and relaxing.  As my doodles accumulate, I realized that many of them can become coloring pages.  I hope you find these coloring pages as relaxing as I did.  Also, sometimes I make coloring pages of well known paintings for my kids or the art class.  I am including these here as well.  I specifically made the files slightly larger then usual, so they should print well.

Please make sure to know that all of these coloring pages are for personal use only, an please don’t use them any other way.  I will be adding more and more of them as I go, because I really enjoy making them.

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Free Coloring Pages:

2022 Coloring Pages

2021 Coloring Pages

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Please keep in mind that all the pages are for personal use only.


How to color in a face

Step by step tutorial on how to color in a face. There are two examples here. One is the original drawing I made, and the other one is a coloring page that I created of that drawing. I hope you enjoy them both.

Convert photos to coloring pages using Gimp

Two tutorials for two different methods to making a coloring page from photograph in Gimp. There are several different processes described here. Gimp also happens to be an open source software, so it is free.

Negative Space, Positive Image

Those of you who know me, know that I love to explain the concept of negative space in art to kids. Here is one of the ways I like to do it. Plus, it resulted in a fun coloring page, which you can find below.

Free coloring pages.

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Well Known Paintings:

Coloring Pages Made From Photos: