Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations

Pennsylvania is an amazing state.  It has so much to offer: from city to country.  It has history, nature, beauty, fun things for kids and adults.  It’s a big state with a big heart.  Much like NJ and NY.  There is so much to see!!! Here is a few of our favorite Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations.

I know most of our travels and daytrips are in New Jersey, but we do venture out to NY and PA quite often.  I think they absolutely belong with NJ Travels!

Our Visit To The Franklin InstituteOur Visit To Franklin Institute

It is an unusual kind of trip for our family: expensive, and during a peak time; but we just had to see the Terracotta Warriors.

Our Visit To Great Wolf LodgeOur Visit To Great Wolf Lodge

We had the opportunity to stay over night at the GWL. We splashed and swam, and visited some nearby attractions. Here is more about our visit.

Camping At Dingmans Campground in Dingmans Ferry PACamping At Dingmans Campground

We went camping last weekend!  We could not have gone to a better place, Dingmans Campground was lovely!

Our Visit To Bowman Hill Wildflower PreserveBowman Hill Wildflower Preserve

Great place for a hike. Hike the preserve, see Washington Crossing Park, and visit the Bowman Tower.

Shawnee MountainOur Visit To Shawnee Mountain Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations

This will be our fourth season to go to ski and snowboard on Shawnee with a wonderful group of people.  Read more about our visit there.

New Hope and Lambertville Pennsylvania Destinations Hunterdon County DestinationsNew Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ

If you’re in need of a vacation, even if it is just for one day, come down to New Hope and Lambertville.  Many things that we would want to find while vacationing we have found there in abundance.

Our Visit To Henry Mercer Museum Pennsylvania Daytrip DestinationsHenry Mercer Museum

This museum is a must see!! It is a castle built by Henry Mercer just for the purpose of housing thousands of artifacts that he collected throughout his life.  It is filled with magic and just amazing to see! Kids, especially older ones, will enjoy this trip tremendously.

Our Visit To Doylestown Castle Pennsylvania Daytrip DestinationsDoylestown Castle Playground

This has got to be one of the most amazing playgrounds that I have ever been to.  AMAZING! Everyone will enjoy this wonderful place: the little kids, the big kids, and the adults.

Our Visit To Ringing Rocks State Park Pennsylvania Daytrip DestinatonsRinging Rocks State Park

Great hiking spot.  Come here to see how these rocks ring when hit with a hammer.  Take a lovely hike, see the waterfalls, play in the water, do a bit of rock climbing.  Excellent spot for an adventure!

Our Visit To Longwood Gardens Pennsylvania Daytrip DestinationsLongwood Gardens

Such a beautiful place. It is never crowded and absolutely worth the long drive. Both kids and adults will love it there!!!

Our Visit To Giggleberry Fair Pennsylvania Daytrip DestinationsGiggleberry Fair

We went to Giggleberry Fair upon a friend’s recommendation.  At that time my boys were 6 and almost 12.  They both enjoyed it so much, that we have come back there for more fun!

Rafting On Delaware RiverRafting On Delaware River

Usually, a few times a year in the summer time we like to get a cooler full of sandwiches and drinks, throw on our swimming suits and go rafting. It is a wonderful trip for both kids and adults, and everyone loves it around here.