NJ Travels

Every year we take the kids on many day trips around the area where we live: NJ, NY and PA. Come and see where we have been, or even better, get on out there and explore it on your own!

If you scroll down below, you will see them sorted them by Counties, this way if you know which direction you are headed in, you can just pick something in that area. However, if you’d like, I included some categories on the right, so that if you want to see all NJ Museums you could just click that category. Also, we go to many places in NY and PA, so those will get their own page, you can find the links in the menu or below.

Our Visit To Howel Living History Farm Hunterdon County Destinations
Free And Inexpensive Places In And Around New Jersey.

Here is an updated list for 2018 of some of the amazing places in and around NJ that you can visit for free or at a low cost.

NJ Travels With Kids:

Hunterdon Art Museum

Our Visit To Hunterdon Art Museum

Winter 2019 

Clinton, NJ

This is a very cute town, with two museums to check out, a lake nearby you can swim in and some great hikes in the area. 

Hiking The Columbia Trail
Hiking The Columbia Trial

Summer 2018

High Bridge, NJ

There was so much to see on the Columbia Trail. The hike was not too long, and fairly easy. The little kids had no trouble completing it at all.

Our Visit To Batsto Village
Batsto Village

Spring 2018

Hammonton, NJ

You should absolutely give this place a go! It was fantastic. There was so much to explore: from nature trails to historical buildings.

Our Visit To Great Swam National Wildlife Refuge
The Great Swamp  National Wildlife Refuge

Spring 2018

New Providence, NJ

This is a lovely hike through the swamp, mostly going on boardwalks. Easy for kids and adults, with lots to explore.

Our Visit To Rutgers Geology Museum
Rutgers Geology Museum

December 2017

New Brunswick, NJ

Rutgers Geology Museum is small, but fun. Our crew has easily spent close to 2 hours there, having a blast on a cold winter day.

Hiking Stairway to Heaven
Hiking Stairway to Heaven

October 2017

Vernon, NJ

This hike is part of the Appalachian trail. It is right off rt. 94 in Vernon NJ. We hiked the more difficult side of the hike that scaled a side of the mountain, and was all uphill on the way there. The views were worth every step.

Our Visit To Highlands Natural Pool
Our Visit To Highlands Natural Pool

Summer 2017

Ringwood, NJ

Even though this year’s season is coming to an end, I hope you earmark this spot for next year. It was wonderful.

Our Visit To Van Vleck Gardens and Kip's Castle
Garden Hopping In Montclair

June 2017

Montclair, NJ

One bright Saturday morning we went garden hopping: Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, Van Vleck Gardens and Kip’s Castle.

Our Visit to Lakota Wolf Preserve
Our Visit To Lakota Wolf Preserve

May 2017

Colombia, NJ

We loved visiting Lakota Wolf Preserve. The owners have such a deep understanding of these amazing animals, and they were willing to teach us. Everyone left this place knowing more than we have ever imagined!

Our Visit To Herrontown Arboretum
Our Visit To Herrontown Woods Arboretum

May 2018

Princeton, NJ

Join us on a lovely meditative hike through the Herrontown Woods Arboretum.

Our Visit To Bonkerz Laser Tag
Our Visit To Bonkerz Laser Tag

January 2017

Princeton, NJ

We had the opportunity to visit Bonkerz Laser Tag Arena and Arcade, and we had a great time there.

Our Visit To Leonard J Buck Garden
Our Visit To Leonard J Buck Garden

October 2016

Far Hills, NJ

What a pretty garden this is. Located in the heart of NJ, it makes for an excellent afternoon.

Our Visit To Montclair Art Museum

October 2016

Montclair, NJ

Montclair Art Museum is a fun little museum located in a wonderful area, with so much to see and explore with your family.

Our Visit To The Thomas Edison National Historical Park
Our Visit To Thomas Edison Historical Park

October 2016

West Orange, NJ

We visited the Thomas Edison Historical Park in October. It was most definitely an educational experience.

Our Visit To Sourland Mountain Preserve Hiking in NJ
Sourland Mountain Preserve

September 2016

Hillsborough Township, NJ

I forgot to put this lovely hiking spot up. It is a great place to hike in NJ, and with spring coming soon, I am looking forward to going back there.

Our Visit To Adventure Aquarium Camden County
Our Visit To Camden Adventure Aquarium

August 2016

Camden, NJ

We had the chance to visit the Camden Adventure Aquarium this past summer. It was an interesting experience, filled with mesmerizing jellyfish, colorful fish and amazing sharks.

Our Visit To Island Beach State Park
Island Beach State Park

August 2017

Seaside Park, NJ

This summer we got to explore a new to us beach: Island Beach State Park. What a wonderful place it is! I loved how wild and untamed it was, with so much to see. With it’s silky sand, lush green dunes, teeming wildlife and clear blue waters, it has so much to offer to it’s visitors!

Our Visit To Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags
Our Visit To Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags

June 2017

Jackson, NJ

It was a lot of fun to splash around in the wave pool in Hurricane Harbor. We look forward to coming back again soon.

Our Visit To Raptor Trust
Our Visit To Raptor Trust

April 2017

Millington, NJ

This is not the first time that we visit Raptor Trust in Millington. It is always a great and wonderful experience.

Our Visit To Presby Memorial Iris Gardens
Our Visit To Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

June 2017

Montclair, NJ

There is only a short time in May and June when you can visit this garden in full bloom, and it’s definitely worth it! I will be back to see it again next year.

Our visit to Drumthwacket
Our Visit To Drumthwacket

May 2016

Princeton, NJ

We had the chance to visit Drumthwacket, the official residence of the Governor of NJ. It was an experience I wanted to share here.

Rollerskating Rinks in NJ
Roller Rinks In NJ


Frenchtown, NJ, and South Amboy, NJ

Rollerskating is a relatively new activity for us. The kids absolutely love it, and we have tried two different rinks so far. Join us as we explore the different roller rinks in NJ.

Our Visit To Liberty Science Center
Liberty Science Center

January 2016

Jersey City, NJ

We had an amazing time at Liberty Science Center. It had so many awesome exhibits for everyone to explore. Kids big and small were very happy to be there.

Our Visit To Rutgers Gardens
Our Visit To Rutgers Gardens

May 2017

New Brunswick, NJ

It is such an amazing place to spend the day with family, especially on a cool sunny autumn day.

Our Visit To Land Of Make Believe Warren County Destinations
Our Visit To Land Of Make Believe

July 2015

Hope, NJ

Nothing more fun then splashing in a cool pool on a hot July day. Slide down the waterslide, go on a lazy river, or enjoy some kiddie rides.

Our Visit To Willowwood Arboretum
Our Visit To Willowwood Arboretum

July 2017

Morristown, NJ

What an amazing place this is!! We went there this week and enjoyed it beyond measure. A great place to bring kids to explore nature’s wonders.

Our Visit To Bridgewater Sports Arena
Our Visit To Bridgewater Sports Arena

June 2015

Bridgewater, NJ

We recently went there with friends for a game of laser tag. Kids of all ages easily spent 2 hours there having a blast!

Our Visit To Johnson Park Middlesex County Destinations
Our Visit To Johnson Park

May 2016

Highland Park, NJ

We have recently discovered Johnson Park. Located in Middlesex County, it is a sprawling, 473 acre park and home to Johnson Park Zoo. Lots to explore there!

Our Visit To Terhune Orchards In Princeton Mercer County Destinations
Our Visit To Terhune Orchards

May 2017

Princeton, NJ

Located a few minutes from the bustling downtown of Princeton NJ, this farm is a wonderful place to spend a few hours.

Our Visit To Yestercades Middlesex County Destinations
Our Visit To Yestercades

January 2017

Somerville, NJ

Take a look at how our visit to Yestercades of Somerville went. The kids had a lot of fun in this exciting arcade.

Our Visit To Sandy Hook Lighthouse
Our Visit To Sandy Hook Lighthouse

May 2017

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

It was such a pleasure to visit this wonderful National Park. We had a great time at the tour, and hope you will too!

Our Visit To Thomas Edison Memorial Tower in Edison NJ
Thomas Edison Center At Menlo Park

February 2015

Edison, NJ

We went for a tour at this great little Thomas Edison Center. It was a wonderful way to get to know Edison better. The staff was knowledgeable, and the tour was interesting, even for the youngest kids.

Our Visit To Princeton University and Princeton Art Museum
Princeton University and Princeton Art Museum


Princeton, NJ

Right now we have the opportunity to explore Princeton on a regular basis. I am taking full advantage of this! It is an exciting place with a lot to see, and I’m glad we have more then one day to be there, this way we can focus on one thing at a time.

Our Visit To Big Brook Fossils in NJ
Big Brook Park Fossil Site

Summer 2017

Marlboro, NJ

A day filled with adventure and fun. The kids and adults got to be archeologists for a day at Big Brook Park in NJ.

Our Visit To Watchung Reservation Union County Destinations
Watchung Reservation

Once a month.

Mountainside, NJ

Enjoy a beautiful hike, a nature center and museum with many classes, a great playground, hiking, or come for a picnic.

Our Visit To Colonial Park New Jersey
Colonial Park

October 2017

Somerset, NJ

What a great park this is! Located in Somerset NJ. It has so many things for kids and adults to do: a beautiful Rose Garden, an amazing playground, a fun game of mini-golf, paddle boats, a walking or biking path, and hiking trail. This park is not to be missed!

Our Visit To Duke Farms Somerset County Destinations NJ Free And Inexpensive Places
Duke Farms


Hillsborough Township, NJ

This place has everything you might want for fun: biking, hiking, beautiful scenery, historical value, delicious food and so much more! It is free and amazing!

Our Visit To Liberty Hall Museum Union County Destinations
Liberty Hall Museum

September 2015

Kean University, NJ

What a wonderful place this is. It allows you to come face to face with History: to touch it, to feel it, to learn it! The kids and adults will enjoy this tremendously.

Our Visit To Turtle Back Zoo Essex Count Destinations
Turtle Back Zoo

A few times a year.

West Orange NJ

This is a great zoo! It is not too big, so you could cover it in one day visit and not get too exhausted. It has a nice variety of animals, lots of interactive activities, a great playground, food court, classes and so much more!

Our Visit To Ponderosa Spray Ground Union County Destinations
Ponderosa Spray Ground Park

All summer long,

Scotch Plains, NJ

This park is great for families with younger kids. Enjoy the water, have fun on the slides and swings, and bring a picnic to have in the shade of the trees. It is a lovely day out.

Our Visit To High Point State Park Sussex County Destinations
High Point State Park

A few times a year,

Montague Township, NJ

This is an amazing place to visit with family. The hiking there is unlike anywhere else in NJ. A great place to cool off on a hot summer day, splash in the lake, go camping, and so much more!

Our Visit To Kidstreet Park Somerset County Destinations
Kidstreet Playground


Bridgewater, NJ

This playground has everything you might want on the playground: great play structures for big and little kids, a fence all around the playground, plenty of shade and sitting space, bathrooms, and ample parking.

New Hope and Lambertville Pennsylvania Destinations Hunterdon County Destinations
New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ

At least once a month.

This particular trip is tricky: it is both in NJ and in PA. That’s why I have it listed on both pages. It is a wonderful place, and I highly recommend you check it out. If you’re in need of a vacation, even if it is just for one day, come down to New Hope and Lambertville. Many things that we would want to find while vacationing we have found there in abundance.

Our Visit To Sandy Hook National Park Monmouth County Destinations
Sandy Hook National Park

Every Summer

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Right at this moment this happens to be my favorite beach to visit with my family. It is clean, kid friendly, has amazing free concerts, great friends, beautiful sunsets, and so much more.

OurVisit To Ground For Sculpture in Hamilton NJ
Grounds For Sculpture

April 2017

Hamilton, NJ

I am so happy that we finally made it to the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton NJ. We loved every minute of this trip. This place is beautiful and has so much magic in it. Everyone enjoyed it: the parents and the kids. There was so much to see there.

Our Visit To The NJ State Museum 2014
New Jersey State Museum

October 2016

Trenton NJ

This was such a wonderful place to visit with so much to see. It was really easy to get to, exciting for both the kids and adults, educational, and inexpensive. I would recommend that anyone residing in our beautiful state visits the NJ State Museum, Planetarium, and The Capitol Building. Whether you have children or not, this is a great day trip destination!

Our Visit To Double Trouble State Park Ocean County NJ
Double Trouble State Park

July 2014

Lacey and Berkeley Townships

This state park is a great place to come and cool off on a hot summer day. It has an active cranberry farm, a creek for canoeing or kayaking, hiking trails and a historic town.

Our Visit To Tomahawk Lake
Tomahawk Lake

July 2014

Sparta, New Jersey

This place has been on my “Places To Visit” list for a few years now. I am so happy we finally made it here. My kids are just the right age to enjoy all the waterslides there. It is a wonderful water park to visit with family this summer!

Zimmerli Art Museum

December 2017

New Brunswick, NJ

Even though I graduated from Rutgers, I haven’t really been in the Zimmerli Art Museum throughout my years there. This time, grandpa insisted that we go, so into the car everyone went, and down to Zimmerli. It was a wonderful experience, and the entire family had a great time! The museum is filled with amazing works of art. It is one of those magical buildings that look small from the outside, but huge once you are inside it. We all loved it, and I will be back!

Our Visit To Reeves Reed Arboretum in Summit NJ
Reeves Reed Arboretum

June 2017

Summit, NJ

It is a beautiful place to visit. We enjoyed a hike as a family, strolled through the gardens, and sat around for a while in a very nice meditative spot. They have many festivals and events throughout the year, so be sure to check it out!

IPlay America

May 2014

Freehold, NJ

This year my younger one wanted to include a few friends for his birthday celebration. On his birthday we invited two of their close friends and went to IPlay America. It went very well, all the kids enjoyed it very much! Read more about it here!

Our Visit To New Jersey Botanical Garden
New Jersey Botanical Garden

We visit there a few times a year.

Ringwood, NJ

It is a wonderful place: beautiful, quiet, never crowded. We make a point of going there a few times a year. It is so nice to take a walk there, enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells, and to clear your head. Even the kids enjoy it, a cranky teen as well. There is also a lake nearby for some splashing fun on a hot summer day.

Statue Of Liberty

October 2013

Liberty Island, NJ

This iconic landmark is a must. It’s not just the destination, but the entire process itself that makes this trip special.

Pump It Up

September, 2013

Roselle Park, NJ

PUMP IT UP was really exciting news for me when it opened up. There is one not far from us and it is a great rainy day activity.

Our Visit To Sunflower Maze Sussex County Destinations
Sunflower Maze

August-September, 2015

Augusta, NJ

We had A-Maze-Ing time at the Sussex County Sunflower Maze. They are open for a short little while in the late summer and fall. It’s beautiful there!

Our Visit To Environmental Education Center Somerset County Destinations
Environmental Education Center

December 2017

Basking Ridge, NJ

What a lovely place for a fall hike with family. The paths were nice and even, so that even the youngest kids would enjoy it. If my kids were still babies, I would definitely brave this hike with a carriage. There is also a lovely nature center there to explore.

Our Visit To Spruce Run and Round Valley Hunterdon County Destinations
Spruce Run And Round Valley State Parks

A few times a year.

Clinton and Lebanon Township, New Jersey

Over the years we have tried several places in NJ, but we love Spruce Run. It is clean, family friendly, has a playground, beach with a beautiful lake, rangers that help you in time of need, decent bathrooms, and a good crowd of families with kids.

Oak Ridge Archery Range

Fall 2015

Clark, NJ

Did you know that archery is a martial art? I didn’t. That is until I took a safety class with some wonderful instructors at Oak Ridge Archery Range. If you would like more about shooting a bow, or take some classes to improve your skills, this is a place for you.

Our Visit To Bergen County Zoo
Bergen County Zoo

July 2013

Paramus, NJ

It is a lovely place to visit! The zoo was not big, but had plenty to see. It was clean, neat and the animals looked happy.

Our Visit To Green Meadows Farm Monmouth County NJ
Green Meadows Petting Farm

May 2015

Hazlet, NJ

If your kid loves animals, no matter what age they are they will enjoy this trip! We had quite an experience here, and enjoyed every minute. Keep in mind though, they are only open at very specific few weeks during the spring, and during the fall, so pay attention to the dates.

Our Visit To Morris Museum Morris County Destinations
Morris Museum

March 2016

Morristown NJ

It is a very kid friendly museum, with classes and exhibits that cater to kids, yet it has plenty appeal for adults. It also houses the Guinness Collection of Instruments & Automata, and that is something to see!!!

Our Visit To Stony Hill Farm Corn Maze Morris County Destinations
Stony Hill Farm Corn Maze

October 2012

Chester NJ

We went to Stony Hill Farm 10 acre corn maze in Chester, NJ. It was great. We got lost, but eventually found our way out. There are many activities to do for kids there, and it makes for a happy day.

Our Visit To Hillview Farms in Morris County NJ
Hillview Farms

September 2017

Gillette, NJ

Hillview Farms has some wonderful locally grown fruits, vegetables and flowers. It also has some amazing views. You can pick your own produce or buy from their store.

Our Visit To Alstede Farms Morris County Destinations
Alstede Farms

July 2012

Chester NJ

Alstede Farms is a great place to go and pick your own fruit. Many are organically grown. Lots of fun activities for kids to do.

Our Visit To Build A Bear
Build-A-Bear Workshop

July 2012

Menlo Park Mall, Edison, NJ

Several years ago we visited our local Build-A-Bear Workshop with my two boys, and my niece. While it was rather expensive, the younger kids STILL love the toys that they have made there. Read more about our experience there.

Independence Day Fireworks

July 2012

Hoboken NJ

Every year we would try to get out and go to see the fireworks in NYC on the Hudson River. We drive out to Hoboken, NJ, and try to find a spot on the waterfront. It is tough, and crowded, and the traffic is without mercy. But it is worth it, at least once, especially if you live in the NYC tri-state area!

Our Visit To Franklin Mineral Museum Sussex County Destinations
Franklin Mineral Museum

Franklin, NJ

July 2012

Franklin Mineral Museum is another entertaining place. We got to see a rock and mineral museum display, see a mine exhibit and go to the quarry, pick rocks and bring them in large buckets to the UV light shack.

Our Visit To Howel Living History Farm Hunterdon County Destinations
Howell Living History Farm

June 2012

Lambertville, NJ

There is so much fun to be had at this wonderful historic farm. My boys learned about managing farm animals, crops and so much more. The docents are really friendly and make sure to stop and explain everything to some very curious kids.

Our Visit To Hacklebarney State Park Strawberry Picking Warren County Destinations
Hacklebarney State Park and Strawberry Picking at Donaldson Farm

June, 2012

Chester, NJ

It was a wonderful day. First strawberry picking, followed by a lovely hike in Hacklebarney State Park. We loved it!

Our Visit To Bowcraft
Bowcraft Amusement Park

Summer 2012

Scotch Plains, NJ

Bowcraft is a fun little amusement park in Union County, NJ. It is right on Rt. 22. We have gone there many times. It’s a nice place to stop by with the kids for some fun.

Our Visit To NJ State Theater Middlesex County Destinations
NJ State Theater

March 2012

New Brunswick, NJ

Often we go to see the school time productions at the NJ State Theater. It is a great experience for the kids, we love it. Plus some of our favorite places to eat.

New York Destinations

I know most of our travels and daytrips are in New Jersey, but we do venture out to NY and PA quite often. I think they absolutely belong with NJ Travels!

Our Visit To The Met Museum
Our Visit To The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Summer 2018


This was a full day affair, complete with a bus, a subway ride and a long walk. The museum, as always, is fascinating, and worth seeing.

Our Visit To Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum
The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space 

Summer 2018


We had a fantastic time visiting The Intrepid for the first time.

Our Visit To NY Renaissance Faire
New York Renaissance Faire

August 2017

Tuxedo, NY

This year we finally made it to the New York Renaissance Faire. We went with a few friends, that know the place well, and had a great time!

Our Visit To Statue Of Liberty NY Daytrip Destinations
Statue Of Liberty

October 2013

Liberty Island, NJ

This iconic landmark is a must. It’s not just the destination, but the entire process itself that makes this trip special.

Our Visit To Empire State Building New York Daytrip Destinations
Empire State Building

August 2013

Manhattan, NY

Come with us on the visit to the Empire State Building! On our son’s birthday we decided to make it up there. It was an expensive day, but once in a lifetime definitely worth it!

Our Visit To Ithaca New York Daytrip Destinations
Robert H. Treman State Park

June 2016

Ithaca, NY

This place is amazing. You really have to see it for yourself to understand just how beautiful it is. I would love to go back soon. Once you see it, you understand what “Ithaca Is Gorges” really means.

Our Visit To Museum of Natural History New York Daytrip Destinations
Museum of Natural History

September, 2012


We always have a good time when we head out to one of the great museums of NYC. This place has so much to see and do, one day might not be enough. That’s why it always feels like new, every time we come there!

Pennsylvania Destinations

Our Visit To The Franklin Institute
Our Visit To Franklin Institute

December 2017

Philadelphia, PA

It is an unusual kind of trip for our family: expensive, and during a peak time; but we just had to see the Terracotta Warriors.

Our Visit To Great Wolf Lodge
Our Visit To Great Wolf Lodge

May 2017

Scotrun, PA

We had the opportunity to stay over night at the GWL. We splashed and swam, and visited some nearby attractions. Here is more about our visit.

Our Visit To Bowman Hill Wildflower Preserve
Bowman Hill Wildflower Preserve

May 2018

Bucks County, PA

Great place for a hike. Hike the preserve, see Washington Crossing Park, and visit the Bowman Tower.

Shawnee Mountain
Our Visit To Shawnee Mountain Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations

January-February 2017

East Stroudsburg, PA.

Second year in the row we go to ski and snowboard on Shawnee with a wonderful group of people. Read more about our visit there.

New Hope and Lambertville Pennsylvania Destinations Hunterdon County Destinations
New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ

At least once a month.

If you’re in need of a vacation, even if it is just for one day, come down to New Hope and Lambertville. Many things that we would want to find while vacationing we have found there in abundance.

Our Visit To Henry Mercer Museum Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations
Henry Mercer Museum

November, 2016

Doylestown PA

This museum is a must see!! It is a castle built by Henry Mercer just for the purpose of housing thousands of artifacts that he collected throughout his life. It is filled with magic and just amazing to see! Kids, especially older ones, will enjoy this trip tremendously.

Our Visit To Doylestown Castle Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations
Doylestown Castle Playground

Every spring, summer and fall.

Doylestown, PA

This has got to be one of the most amazing playgrounds that I have ever been to. AMAZING! Everyone will enjoy this wonderful place: the little kids, the big kids, and the adults.

Our Visit To Ringing Rocks State Park Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinatons
Ringing Rocks State Park

September 2013

Upper Black Eddie, Bucks County, PA

Great hiking spot. Come here to see how these rocks ring when hit with a hammer. Take a lovely hike, see the waterfalls, play in the water, do a bit of rock climbing. Excellent spot for an adventure!

Our Visit To Longwood Gardens Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations
Longwood Gardens

Spring 2018

Kenneth Square, PA

Such a beautiful place. It is never crowded and absolutely worth the long drive. Both kids and adults will love it there!!!

Our Visit To Giggleberry Fair Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations
Giggleberry Fair

May 2013

Peddler’s Village, PA

We went to Giggleberry Fair upon a friend’s recommendation. At that time my boys were 6 and almost 12. They both enjoyed it so much, that we have come back there for more fun!

Rafting On Delaware River
Rafting On Delaware River

Every Summer

Matamoras PA

Usually, a few times a year in the summer time we like to get a cooler full of sandwiches and drinks, throw on our swimming suits and go rafting. It is a wonderful trip for both kids and adults, and everyone loves it around here.

NJ Destination by County:

Eventually, I would like to have all the counties here. Each one filled with wonderful places to visit. Since I live in a Northern NJ, unfortunately often we don’t make it down to the counties in the South. I will create pages for them, and fill them with places that I would like to visit one day soon.

Our Visit To Empire State NJ Travels With Kids


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Just in case I added both NY and PA Daytrip Destinations below:

New York Daytrip Destinations

Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations

Other States

And of course here are some other destinations, in other states. We don’t have many for a few reasons. Reason one is our three dogs. Seriously. We can’t leave those monsters overnight unless there is someone here that knows exactly how to take care of them. When it was just one pup, grandpa could handle, but now, with three, it’s just too much.

Our Visit To Washington DC and Chincoteague Island
Washington DC 

May 2018

We went to Washington D.C. and Chincoteague Island in one beautiful adventure. Read all about them here.

Our Visit To Washington DC and Chincoteague Island
Chincoteague Island

May 2018

Our Visit To Okemo NJ Travels
Okemo Mountain

Summer 2012

Ludlow, VT

Usually we go to Okemo Mountain in the winter when ever we can afford to both financially and physically. Some of us snowboard and some go sledding and enjoy the pool. This time we decided to go for a three day getaway in the summer time.