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While you will find more then just color pencils drawing tutorials here, color pencils are probably still my favorite medium to use.  Whether it’s for a quick drawing, or for a more complex painting they are a versatile and a flexible medium.

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Getting Started With Color Pencils

My favorite colored pencils are PRISMACOLOR.  I love the quality, the depth of colors, the availability of colors, the various sets you can get that will suit your every need.  When you buy your pencils you will absolutely want a good sharpener.  That’s really up to you, but I did notice that all sharpeners were not created equal.  Some are better then others.  Usually, I find that for manual sharpeners, I have to get them replaced very frequently.  I personally prefer ones with a dual hole, like THIS ONE.  You will also need paper.  Again, this is very individual.  I like 100 lb Vellum paper, like this STRATHMORE BRISTOL PAPER.

 Learn To Draw Tutorials:

Take a look at what’s new at Happy Family Art:

Negative Space Drawing Coloring PageNegative Space/Positive Image

Those of you who know me, know that I love to explain the concept of negative space in art to kids. Here is one of the ways I like to do it.

Fun Name ArtFun Name Art

Fun Name Art: this was a wonderful art lesson that all the kids loved and had a great time. It is fun name art that makes you stretch your imagination.

Single Point Perspective Drawing of a StreetSingle Point Perspective Drawing of a Street

Learn to draw a street scene using single point perspective. Easy to follow, step by step instructions. It all starts with a single dot.

Quick and Easy Way To Draw Glass Quick and Easy Way To Draw Glass

A step by step guide to a quick and easy way to draw glass. Drawing glass and reflective surfaces can be fun, but seem intimidating, this makes it easy.

How to draw rosesHow To Draw Roses

Step by step tutorial on how to draw roses from three different points of view, and then color them in using colored pencils.

finalFaceHow To Color In A Face

Detailed, step by step tutorial on how to color in a face.  There are two versions here: one on a pastel paper, and one on a regular printing paper.  I am really happy with the results and how lovely it came out. I hope you like it too, and find the tutorial very helpful.

How to draw a tree tutorialHow to Draw A Tree

Often, I get asked “How to draw a tree?”, I have created this tutorial on how to draw a tree.  There are instructions with photos for seven different trees.  Many pictures make this tutorial easy to follow and fun to draw.

How To Draw Sunflowers Learn To DrawHow to Draw Sunflowers

This is a very detailed step by step art lesson.   It is not just color pencil lesson.  I started with just a sketch, and then I had the crazy idea to do 10 different renderings of the same sketch using all the different materials.  There are two detailed instructions: one for acrylic and one for colored pencils.  Plus, the results of all the other renderings of the same sketch.

Color Pencil Landscape Drawing Learn To DrawHow To Draw A Simple Landscape

This is a step by step tutorial on how to draw a simple landscape using colored pencils. I love how this drawing came out, and I hope you enjoy drawing this as well!