Mixed Media Art Lessons

This page is for those lessons that can’t be quite as easily categorized.  Here you’ll eventually find a whole bunch of lessons that use a variety of media.

Mixed Media Art Lessons.

2D Recycled Materials Art Sculpture

2-D Recycled Sculpture

These came out amazing, and everyone loved the process of making them. Perfect way to use up a bunch of recycled items that would end up in the garbage pile.

Beginners Guide To Lino Cutting and Printmaking

Beginner’s Guide To Lino Cutting and Printmaking

After a bit of trial and error, I found the printing blocks that worked perfectly for a group of kids. I fell in love with this project, and now want to work on my own large print!

Collage Fun With A Laminator

Laminator Collage

This was a great art class, that lasted just one hour and had a fun process and awesome results.

Fun Foil Art
Fun Foil Art

This is one of my favorite art lessons. It allows you to explore textures, while leaving plenty of room for creative expression. Plus, the clean up is a breeze!

Recycled Mosaic Tiles Art Lesson
Earth Day Recycled Mosaic Art Lesson

This is most certainly one of my favorite art lessons to do with kids. It takes quite a bit of prep time on my part, and patience on the kids part, but really worth it! At the end, the experience of creating a mosaic is as close to the real thing as it gets, and the materials are super inexpensive.

Air Dry Clay Art Projects Or Adventures With Clay
Clay Adventure

It was an adventure: trying to find a great, non toxic, air dry clay for art class. I have tried several, each one with it’s unique properties. Each clay was really so different, that there are several projects that we have done with the different clay there, and more will be added in the future.

How To Make A Spooky Halloween Pop Up Card
How To Make A Spooky Halloween Pop Up Card

I love pop up cards.  To me they are magical and fun, and I wanted to share that with my youngest.  Here are the instructions for spooky Halloween town pup up card full of ghosts, creatures and scary things. While this is a Halloween card, the same principle applies to any other card, be it a magical castle or a mother’s day portrait.

How To Make Outdoor Mosaic Art
Outdoor Mosaic

I have wanted to make something awesome to hang outside that would be able to withstand rain and wind because I would want to keep it out for three seasons out of four.  Here is how I made this fantastic outdoor mosaic. The process wasn’t easy, but I love the result!

How To Make Scratch Paper Art
Scratchboard Art

This is such a fun project: using leftover oil pastels make your own scratchboard paper and art.  The possibilities with this project are endless: make a secret drawing underneath, make fun patterns, make it big or small.  This is just a fantastic project all around, and I can’t wait to do it with the kids next year!

Finger Painting Art Lesson Mixed Media Art Lessons
Fun Finger Painting Art Lesson

Finger painting is not only for kids, it is fun and relaxing, and has quite a history.  Many artists throughout time have used their fingers while making art.  When the kids asked me to do it with them, here is what we did.

Tissue Paper Collage Art
Tissue Paper Collage Art Lesson

I made a collage using tissue paper and patterned paper.  These are the step by step photographs on how to I made it.  Actually there are two different collages there.  It is a fun project for both kids and adults. Most importantly, have a good time with it!  Check out my process and all of my mistakes.  Even though I am not entirely happy with the results, I still had a great time with this project.