Necklaces is probably a craft I make most often.  I think it’s how much room you have to play with.  They can be long, short, shiny, colorful, you get the idea.  You can make them in every shape and size you can imagine!

Here are some ideas:

How To Make A Leather NecklaceLeather and Metal Necklace

This was a fun project, and the first time I ever cut my own sheet metal!

Multi-Strand Leather Necklace and BraceletMulti-Strand Leather Necklace and Bracelet

Easy to make a necklace or a bracelet using leather, silk, beads, and more.

Recycled Aluminum Can Butterfly JewelryAluminum Can Butterflies

Make these butterflies from aluminum cans and turn them into anything you like. I made necklaces and earrings, and already gave a many as little gifts.

Bead And Wire Cherry Blossom Necklace InstructionsCherry Blossom Pendant

This pendant is made from wire and beads.  Make it into anything you want: pendant, earrings, or incorporate it as a part of a bigger project.

Leather Rose Necklace How to make a leather rose NecklacesLeather Rose Necklace

Here are the instructions on how to make this leather rose out of scraps of leather and turn it into a beautiful necklace.

Silk Flower NecklaceSilk Flower Necklace Tutorials Handmade Necklaces

See detailed step-by-step directions with pictures for every step for how to make these fabric flowers and turn them into a beautiful necklace.

Beaded Lace Necklace TutorialBeaded Lace Necklace

Very detailed, step by step tutorial on how to make this necklace. Using glass crystals, seed beads, pearls, needle and string.

Recycled T-shirt Flower NecklaceRecycled T-shirt Flower Necklace

Everyone has old t-shirts at home. I love to recycle our t-shirts into lots of neat things.  Here you will find the instructions showing to recycle a few old t-shirts into a beautiful necklace.  Actually you’ll find two variations of this necklace here.