Independence Day Fireworks

Hoboken, NJ

 July 2012

I love fireworks.  LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I could watch them over and over again.  Every year we would try to get out and go to see the Independence Day Fireworks in NYC on the Hudson River. 

In the past few years the crowds got the better of me, because, well, I dislike crowds. We would drive out to Hoboken, NJ, and try to find a spot on the waterfront.  In the coming years, I think we will have to find a different spot to watch the fireworks from.

On the way there (and often back), the traffic is always without mercy. It took a good 40 minutes or more to go on a stretch that takes about 5 minutes normally. Walking would’ve been faster. My husband dropped us off and then went to look for parking. When kids and I finally get there, the crowed is immeasurable and there is no place to go to the bathroom. We try to find a decent sized spot on the grass, and settle in.

There we are: sweaty, tired, with whining children and hurting feet from the walk. All of that vanished the moment the fireworks started. I only have one word: spectacular. My older one was bouncing up and down with joy the entire 30 minutes. The little one had cotton fluff in his ears from the noise, and just sat there with his mouth open wide. We all loved it. It was most definitely worth all the trouble. A picture is worth a thousand words though, so here are a few from the times we went.

Independence Day Fireworks. Independence Day Fireworks Independence Day Fireworks Independence Day Fireworks Independence Day Fireworks