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Our Visit To Rutgers Gardens

This is yet another amazing place that we have visited for the first time a few years ago! There are no words to describe how embarrassed I feel about it.  I have gone to Rutgers for five years, and never once has it occurred to me that there are so many wonderful places.  Of course, when I was going there I had a newborn, so it was all work, no play, but still.  I missed Zimmerli, the Geology Museum, and now this.  Rutgers Gardens is one of the most beautiful and amazing places to spend the day! Over the years, we have visited Rutgers Gardens several times, over many seasons, and it is always fantastic.

I met a friend there that comes there often, and she took me for a walk in her favorite spots.

The walk started out with a wonderful trail through the woods that run along the river.  It was a bit of up and down climbing.  It would be more difficult with little ones, even though it can be done and really worth it.  After a short walk we came to a pine forest area. It was absolutely incredible.  In the pine woods there were several forts build by visitors. My friend mentioned that they build them every year.  The forts were more then just forts, they were like small dwellings, and I am ready to move in.  Take a look at how amazing they are below.  From looking later at the map, I think these must be the Helyar Woods:

This fort was the largest and the most impressive, but there were several others as well.

Inside the largest fort.

The beautiful pines.

After we left the pine forest we came upon a clearing filled with tall plants.  I want to say grass, but it wasn’t grass, it reminded me of wormwood, though I am not sure.  Anyhow, the entire field had paths cut through it in a maze.  Who doesn’t love a maze to run through?!  The grass wasn’t too tall, maybe 4 to 5 feet, and we could see the kids heads poking out as they ran through.  The kids all loved it, they had a blast.  Here are a few photos:

 After running through the fields, we came out to the Native Plant Garden, followed by the beautiful Rain Garden.  It’s just amazingly beautiful, there is jut no other words for it:

While exploring the gardens, we came upon this great big tree, which caused a lot of excitement for the kids, as you can imagine:

After which we explored all the fantastic garden areas strewn about.  They were all exceptional and lovely.  Here are several more photos of our walk through the garden.  Just click on the thumbnail to see a bigger image.

We paused, and the kids relaxed in those giant green chairs, while I got a chance to stand still for a moment and take pictures of this adorable little hummingbird. I still can’t believe I caught him on camera!  It’s very exciting for me.

Overall, it was a really great trip.  Now I can’t wait to go back! One thing that I didn’t see was the Bamboo Forest, and I am looking forward to it soon!

To get directions, check out the website for Rutgers Gardens HERE.