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Our Visit To Green Meadows Farm

Hazlet NJ

May 2015

This spring we went to Green Meadows Farm with my kids. They love animals, so a place where you could touch, feed and play with all kinds of animals was right up their alley.  Here is more about our visit to Green Meadows Farm in Hazlet, NJ.

With Green Meadows you have to know the time they are open, as it is only a short while in the spring/ beginning of summer and another short while in the fall. Also, if you decide to go, beleive it or not, weekends are better then weekdays. On the weekdays it gets pretty crazy with school trips.

The most recent trip we took was on a weekday with a group of homeschoolers.  It was absolutely crazy there.  The school groups were many.  Each group had a lot of kids.  A LOT! The animals seemed tired of all the attention.  I found very little of the pleasant experience there on a weekday compared to the time we went on a weekend.  I guess it is one of those places that just has a strange schedule: it is better to go there on a weekend with your family then a weekday! I certainly learned my lesson.  Even though it was busy, the animals were adorable!

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In the past we have gone on a Sunday in the Spring, and it was not too bad. Here is their WEBSITE with all the info.

My boys got to pet little ducks, bunnies, puppies, kittens, pigs, goats and so much more. My older one braved up and milked a cow, my hubby and younger one chickened out. We met an amazingly big horse, some cranky alpacas, donkeys, an angry turkey. They got to feed some adorable goats, one of which kept escaping and running away and made all the kids laugh.  If your kid loves animals, it really doesn’t matter how old he or she is, they will enjoy this trip, I know I did!

Overall it was a wonderful day for them, at the end of which they were tired and happy. What else can you ask for?

Here are a few pictures, as always:

Our Visit To Green Meadows Farm Our Visit To Green Meadows Farm Our Visit To Green Meadows Farm

Our Visit To Green Meadows Farm