Our Visit To Museum Of Natural History


March 2012

We made it out to the city to go and see the Museum of Natural History. The older guy loves archeology stuff right now, and the little one is into anything space related.

It is always a hassle to drive into the city.  No matter what your destination is or which weekday, or time of day.  NYC is always, ALWAYS teeming with people, cars, traffic and is always full of life.  We have tried several methods over the years of getting there.  Car just seems the easiest for us on a short notice, but boy, it’s like riding on a rollercoaster that never ends.  I enjoyed taking the ferry over, and the next for us to try will be a train, I think.

The Natural History Museum is always a good time.  It is always tempting to do one of the museums (Natural History or The Met) and go to Central Park right after.  We never do though, because each one of those places is a destination on it’s own.  One that requires a full day, and dedicated attention span.  I feel like Central Park deserves it’s own trip to the city.

As I mentioned before, the boys had a good time at the museum. We went with our library passes, which is wonderful.  Have I mentioned before how much I love that our library offers this! Love it!  No matter how often we come to this place it is always fun.  The kids love so many exhibits.  Of course the dinosaur skeletons almost always take the cake.  We were lucky enough to run into a docent on the dinosaur floor, who was really great.  He showed the kids a few skulls, told them all about them, and let them TOUCH them!  I think it is awesome to touch something that millions of years old.  To be able to connect with it on such a personal level.

They also enjoyed feeding the obnoxious city pigeons outside the building, and eating the icky hot dog from the hot dog stand.  And then the drive through Chinatown. And french fries HERE The french fries were GOOD!

Here is the WEBSITE for the museum with hours and directions. Our Visit To Museum of Natural History Our Visit To Museum of Natural History Our Visit To Museum of Natural History