Our Visit To Okemo Mountain

Ludlow, VT

August 2012

Usually we go to Okemo Mountain in the winter when ever we can afford to both financially and physically. Some of us snowboard and some go sledding and enjoy the pool. This time we decided to go for a three day getaway in the summer time. We went to Jackson Gore so we can enjoy the Adventure Zone they have there in the summer time.

Adventure Zone was good, we had a nice time, but I do wish they would include more tickets for the rollercoaster with the stay. We had to purchase separate tickets after our fun passes expired. The kids enjoyed the pool and all the mountain activities. We got to go on a rollercoaster that takes you to the top of Okemo, and then you roll down in a car. That was a lot of fun. The little guy kept wanting to go again and again. The big guy and I got to launch off 45 feet in the air and land on an air bag. Feels like you’re falling off a third story building. All your innards go in your throat. I still can’t believe I did it.

We bought a package with different tickets for all the activities. The one we enjoyed the most was the roller coaster down the mountain ride. If we ever go again I would opt out of the package and just buy a bunch of individual tickets for that ride, and not do other ones at all.

On the way back we stopped by the Vermont Country Store, The Christmas Store and the Village Store accross the street. They were all great, we enjoy them every time we are in the area. We also made it to the outlets in Manchester, it was as fun as shopping can be with boys.

Here is the site for the Vermont Country Store.
And the one for Okemo Adventrue Zone.

Our Visit To Okemo In The Summer


Our Visit To Okemo In The Summer

Our Visit To Okemo In The Summer

Our Visit To Okemo in The Summer