Rafting on Delaware River

Matamoras, PA

Every Summer

Well, almost every summer.  This summer (2014) we actually wound up skipping our rafting trip.  The boys kept asking to go to the beach, and we were happy to oblige.  Instead of rafting we went to the beach multiple times, several times a week.  Next year though, we will definitely go rafting on Delaware River once more.

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Usually though, a few times a year in the summer time we like to get a cooler full of sandwiches and drinks, throw on our swimming suits and go rafting. There are many good places along the Delaware Water Gap to rent a raft from. There is one in French Town, on the NJ side that actually serves lunch, which we might try next. There are many up north, around Sparta. They all have different deals, depending on what you are looking for. Some are great for large groups, some have restrictions on kid ages (usually 4 years old is as young as you can take a child on a raft safely). We go with just the kids and us, so the place where a kid is free with a paid adult is the kind of place for us.  Though now that the kids are getting older then 12, we might look around for other spots, or even check out Groupon.  In fact, there is THIS DEAL FOR RIVER TUBING (sponsored link) that comes up often on Groupon.

We usually use this one :

Up to four kids under 12 go free with two paying adults, which really works for us.  We never had an issue with them.  Usually I call the day ahead, ask about river conditions, make sure it’s ok to take a tube out.  Make reservations.  The folks that work there are pleasant, accommodating, and all around wonderful.

The summer of 2013 we had three kids with us. We took the 4 mile trip and it was very manageable with younger kiddies. Also we rented a tube to tie to our raft, which made it so much more fun!!! You do need to make sure that the water is safe for a tube. We called in a week before, and were told that the waters are too cold and choppy to use a tube due to some rains, so we had to wait a bit to go. The following week we called and were good to go. The tube definitely made it more fun for the older kids, and the braver younger kids. I also managed to accidentally drown my old camera in the river, so no pictures from this trip. It was a ton of fun.

The year before that we took the 7 mile trip, the river on that stretch was way too calm. The 9 mile trip takes just as much time, which means more rapids, more fun.  We stopped on the bank to enjoy our lunch, splash and swim. My older son enjoyed swimming alongside the raft during the calmer water. We met a few cool fishermen that educated us about Shad. Overall, the kids and us were really tired at the end, but it was a fun experience!

For next time we go, I am thinking of the 9 mile trip, with two tubes tied alongside the raft.

Here are some photos from our trip.

Rafting On Delaware River

Rafting On Delaware River

Rafting On Delaware River

I highly recommend this adventurous trip for families, it’s a lot of fun.