Indoor Activities and Playgrounds

Our Visit To Pump It Up

Roselle Park, NJ

Summer 2013

PUMP IT UP was really exciting news for me when it opened up. There is one not far from us and it is a great rainy day activity. Just make sure to call ahead and reserve a spot for the open bounce.

It is fairly cheap (especially if you have a bogo coupon), and makes a great activity for a hot summer day. It tires the kids enough for them to be relaxing for the rest of the day.

While many times we have gone there and had a great time, the last time was not a success. So here is a word of advice. Do not go when there is a town with a spring break from school nearby. The problem is that in NJ one town can be off school while other ones all have school. While our town spring break was over, another one just began. I didn’t know. The place was so crowded, the kids had to wait 10 to 15 minutes just to get on to a boucy. They were tired of waiting. Not actually getting a chance to bounce, we left early. The manager was nice enough to give us two free passes for next time, and we would love to go, just have to make sure that there aren’t any school breaks at the time. What is interesting is that when we came in the middle of summer, not so many kids were there. I guess they must have had their fill!

On the other hand, I think a birthday party for a young child there should be absolutely amazing, and so much fun.  I should also mention that the place is clean, which is very important in places like this.  They also employ some great teens that are very good with younger kids and are very helpful.  Also, for my younger guy it’s a ton of fun, while my older one, who is almost a teen, gets bored quickly there.  It is definitely geared for the younger ones.

As everything else, they have a WEBSITE.