Online Art Class Supply Links

Hi, if your child is signed up with me for art classes, here are the supplies.

Polymer Clay Classes:

Clay Fairy Garden Creations How to make Clay Fairies

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Wire: Any wire that is 12 to 18 gouge. Like this one or this one.

Tools: A basic set of tools like these is very helpful. A toothpick, kitchen plastic knife and a back of a paintbrush all work as substitutes.

Clay: Fimo or Sculpey Polymer Clay work best. The cheapest option I have found is a Michaels brand of clay, Craft Smart, though they tend to be a little too soft once warm up (still pretty usable though). The cheapest place that I have found for Fimo or Sculpey is

Masking Tape

Watercolor Painting Class:

Paper: I like Canson Watercolor paper, 9 by 12. Here is a link for DickBlick, but cheapest option is to use a coupon at Michaels.

Paint: Personally, I prefer a semi-moist pan paint, but tubes will work well too. This is what I use with students: Yarka student paint. This is the paint I use for my art: Sakura Travel, 24 tins.

Brushes: a simple set of brushes that contain a medium flat brush and a fine round one will work. Like this one.

Occasionally, they might need white acrylic paint, cling wrap, masking tape and a fine black permanent marker.


Paper: I am a fan of Canson Mixed Media paper for drawing, once again, 9 by 12 works marvelously.

Pencils: We will use color pencils for this. I love Prismacolor, but any brand will work.

The kids will also need a sketching pencil, eraser, sharpener.

Oil Pastels:

Paper: I am a fan of Canson Mixed Media paper for drawing, once again, 9 by 12 works marvelously.

Oil Pastels: Any will work! Seriously, even these student grade ones from Blick Art Supplies.

The kids will also need a sketching pencil, and scratching tool (such as a toothpick or a wooden dowel).

Acrylic Painting:

Paint: I like using craft paint for these projects, like this one. You can simply go into Michaels, and get their brand, Craft Smart. They are the cheapest option. You can also get nicer, fancier paint. They will all work!

The colors you will need for the Midnight Garden are dark blue, black, red, white, green, yellow, purple, and whatever other colors you might like.

For the Dolphin you will need: white, pink, blue, teal, darker blue, black, yellow, green, plus whatever other colors you might like.

Brushes: You will need brushes. Essentially you will need a big flat (sizes 10 or 12), medium flat or round (size 6) and tiny round (size 1 or 0).

Canvas: You can purchase a relatively inexpensive wrapped canvas in Michaels or Blick Art. I like to paint on Canvas Pads, they are easier to store, considering how often I paint. If you decide to use a canvas pad, it is easier to tape it to your surface area around the edges with masking tape.