Our Art

We have a rather artistic family. Everyone does something creative.  This area is dedicated to some of the awesome, creative things we do.

Here you’ll find some of our art:

Grandpa’s mosaics, which are truly amazing and wonderful.   You will also be able to read a little bit about him, he is a very interesting person.

You’ll also find my art and illustrations.  Not all of them, some of them are hiding. In my closet.  Never to be seen by anyone.  Some of them, however, I am ready to share and show to the world, so here they will be.

Sometime soon, when my husband is ready, I will add his music here.  He composes, and to me it looks like magic.  I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Alright, here we go:

Art by Mariya KovalyovMy Art And Illustrations

Here I put some of my favorite paintings and drawings. I will update these pages with more images as I keep working on them.  (Art by Mariya Kovalyov.)


Join me on a journey to become a better photographer.  I am taking 1000 photos while I save up for a better camera. (Photography by Mariya Kovalyov.)

Valentin Kovalyov

On this page you will find many original mosaics made by Valentin Kovalyov today, as well as some from the past.  (Mosaics by Valentin Kovalyov.)