Yarn Art Fun

This was a fun project to do with a group of kids. Especially if you have a bunch of little bits of yarn leftover, asking to be used up.

Before you embark on yarn art fun here, check out how to make pom-poms.

I used a brass ring for one, and a dowel rod for another, both purchased in a local craft store.

Yarn Art Fun

I started by tying the yarn to the ring, and then proceeded to wrap/knot it around the brass ring.

Yarn Art Fun

Save some room for the yellow sunshine color.

wrapping yarn

The goal for the yellow is with every loop to make a ‘ray’ that reached up to the top of the circle.

Every time I made a ‘ray, I would loop the yarn on the inside to secure it, and went all the way until all the brass was covered in yarn.

Yarn Art Fun

I left a long blue and long yellow strand on each side instead of cutting them off. They will just become part of the hanging.

In between the gold rays, I added a bunch of light gray and yellow strands.

Yarn Art Fun

When it is all done, I gave it a haircut.

pompom making

I made a bunch of pompoms. You could totally do it the ‘proper’ way, but I am lazy, so I just wrapped yarn around my fingers. When you make pompoms it is super helpful to have non-slip waxed thread (affiliate link).

cloud and rain yarn wall art

I made white and gray for clouds, and some intense colorful ones for rainbow.


I also had some fun raindrop shaped beads to add.

Rain and rainbow yarn wall art


Yarn wall hanging idea

Here is the one with the dowel rod. This one is easier. All I did was take three long strands at a time, until I filled the entire rod, then I gave them a haircut and decorated with pompoms, beads, and braids.

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