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Bergen County Zoo

Bergen County, NJ

July 2013

We made the trip to the Bergen County Zoo mostly because of it’s close proximity to our dentist’s office. I wasn’t expecting much from this trip. I was very pleasantly surprised. It is such a lovely place to visit! The zoo was not big, but had plenty to see. It was clean, neat and the animals looked happy.

There is also quite a diversity of animals. The zoo had plenty of shade, which is important on a hot day. Right outside the zoo there was a huge playground. They have a train, a carousel, and pony rides (my boys aren’t much into those, they like the animals the most), they also have a butterfly pavilion, which I loved. My kids are pretty jaded when it comes to places that we visit, and even they agreed that Bergen County Zoo was a great place. It’s been a while since we’ve gone there, and I have had requests for a return visit on multiple occasions! And the price was good too, it’s only $8.00 for adult and $5.00 for the kid, half of that if you’re a Bergen County Resident.

When we went for our second visit last summer the animals still looked very happy, and the folks working there were very friendly.  However, the butterfly pavilion involved paying a separate admission fee, and a few areas were under construction, which is not a bad thing.

Here is their WEBSITE with all the information.

Here are a few photos from our trip:

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