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Allaire State Park

Or An Ode to Robinwood Dinosaurs

We went to Allaire State Park a few years back, in the winter of 2021, because we just needed to get the heck out of the house and get some fresh air. It was quite a bit of a drive from our house.

What we found while hiking was a magical grove of trees, filled with magical beasts: Robinwood Dinosaurs. Everyone was amazed. There were happy little kids bouncing from dino to dino, exploring, and giggling. There were those of us who look like adults, but really are still kids inside, gaping happily.

It is one of those NJ spots that I was not going to write about. Mostly to keep it a secret and prevent crowds. When I heard that someone destroyed the Robinwood Dinosaurs, I was heartbroken. Currently, the artist, Robin Ruggiero says she does not intend to rebuild the sculptures. You can read more about it here.

Now what we have left are memories and photos.

Allaire State Park has many other great features to explore, however. If you go, there is a maze of biking trails.

Our Visit to Allaire State Park

An old railroad to explore.

Our Visit to Allaire State Park

Complete with a historic village and ample walking/hiking trails:

Our Visit to Allaire State Park
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Our Visit To Johnson Park

I can’t believe for all the trips that I have done with the kids in the past 15 yeas, I have never been to this park.  I would drive by it daily on my way to Rutgers for years, and I never noticed it.  It is most definitely worth a notice.

Most recently we visited Johnson Park with my little one and his friend.  We had to wait for the big kid around that area, and decided that the park would be a good place to meander in for a few hours.  It was that.

Parks and Playgrounds

Our Visit To Kidstreet Playground

Bridgewater, NJ

We go frequently

Kid Street Playground in Bridgewater NJ was recommended by a friend.   We headed up there on more than one occasion.  Each one was great.  It was one of the best and biggest playgrounds we have ever been to. The playground is complete with a ship, a car, giant slides, and most importantly rope swings and a zip line. We had a blast there. Even the older one loves it, and that says a lot!

Parks and Playgrounds Water Parks

Our Visit To Ponderosa Spray Ground

Scotch Plains, NJ

Summer 2015


While we have enjoyed this park in the past few years, my kids got to be too old to play there! We haven’t gone in quite some time.  However, it’s my home town, and I often hear people complaining that it’s too hot and too messy there throughout the summer. As always you should call ahead (the town of Scotch Plains in this case), and use your discretion when going places. 

Hooray, finally a water spray ground in Central Jersey, that is not too far from us! The best part: it is free!
Ponderosa Park is brand new, just opened in 2012, right off Cooper Road in Scotch Plains. It is a beautiful playground with water spraying out of many fountains. So much fun for the kids to play with.

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Parks and Playgrounds Quaint Towns

Our Visit To Doylestown Castle Playground

Doylestown, PA

Every Spring, Summer and Fall!

Doylestown, PA is full of amazing castles, most are wonderful museums.  This particular castle is not exactly a museum, though it does have a bit of fun history.  Doylestown Castle Playground is an amazing playground for children, designed and build by the community of Doylestown.  Here is our visit to Doylestown Castle Playground.

Parks and Playgrounds

Our Visit To Oak Ridge Archery Range

Clark, New Jersey

Fall 2015

We went to the Oak Ridge Archery Range for and archery lesson. You have to be at least 10 years old, so it was my son, husband and I. Now we can get a permit and shoot arrows there. It was tremendous fun.

Parks and Playgrounds Zoos and Animals

Bergen County Zoo

Bergen County, NJ

July 2013

We made the trip to the Bergen County Zoo mostly because of it’s close proximity to our dentist’s office. I wasn’t expecting much from this trip. I was very pleasantly surprised. It is such a lovely place to visit! The zoo was not big, but had plenty to see. It was clean, neat and the animals looked happy.

Beautiful Gardens Parks and Playgrounds Rivers and Lakes

Our Visit To Colonial Park

Somerset, NJ

October 2017

A while ago my husband and I were talking to another bike riding enthusiast and he highly recommended to check out Colonial Park in Somerset, NJ.  He was telling us about the wonderful biking trails, and the lake, and paddle boats, and a great playground for kids, and a garden.  When a friend that lives nearby there invited us to come out and check out the park during their annual Rose Festival, we couldn’t resist.