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Our Visit To Stony Hill Farm

Chester, NJ

October 2012

We went to Stony Hill Farm and Market to their 10 acre corn maze in Chester, NJ. It was great. We got lost in the one part of the maze and kept walking in circles. I had a bit of claustrophobia. Corn was everywhere. We came out eventually, giggling wildly and happy to be out.
There are maps on every turn, and they had a fun scavenger hunt for the kids to do.  It was a blast.  One part was actually with just one entrance/exit, so we kept going in circles there trying to find another way out.  Ooops.  It was pretty funny when we realized that the way we came in is, in fact, the way out.  There are also bridges scattered throughout the field, so that occasionally you can stand on the bridge and see where you are.  I found this to be the most fun, because you can really see the entire space you’re in from above.

There are also several small mazes for the little kids to play in.

They also had a prospecting for the kids. We got 4 bags of dirt with gem stones and spend some time sifting it, while having coffee and apple cider.  The bags were full of adorable little gemstones. It was fun for all of us. We even brought a bag of dirt home for grandpa to sift through.

They have a few other activities and mazes. You can see them on their WEBSITE.

It is a great place to go on a sunny fall day! We were there on a week day. I am pretty sure on a weekend it is way more busy. I like the empty field all to ourselves though!  I would most definitely go there again, and this time bring more friends!!!

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