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Our Visit To Doylestown Castle Playground

Doylestown, PA

Every Spring, Summer and Fall!

Doylestown, PA is full of amazing castles, most are wonderful museums.  This particular castle is not exactly a museum, though it does have a bit of fun history.  Doylestown Castle Playground is an amazing playground for children, designed and build by the community of Doylestown.  Here is our visit to Doylestown Castle Playground.

A friend recommended this place and we were so lucky to be able to go there. This playground is an amazing eight story castle, with twists, turns, tunnels, windows and the longest winding slide ever. The structure is immense and the photo doesn’t do it justice. You really have to be there to believe how big it is. You can get lost in the maze inside the casle. The boys went in together, and I went in after them. I didn’t even see them in there. The slide is great! On a beautiful summerry day this was perfect. Oh, and it was free. 🙂

The castle is located in Doylestown, PA. However, at the present time they are cleaning, rebuilding and making the playing space even bigger.  It was closed through the summer of 2013, then it opened in the fall to the public.  That was only the first leg of renovations, there is more to come.  Therefore, if you’re coming from a long way off, please make sure to give them a call ahead of time to make sure the playground is open to kids.  HERE is the website for the township. It has updated information on the reconstruction and on the stages of rebuilding. Plus, some interesting info on how this playground came to be!

It is a gem, and I highly recommend visiting it, just make sure to call ahead and verify that there are no renovations being done at the time.

Here are some photos:

Our Visit To Doylestown Castle Playground Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations

Our Visit To Doylestown Castle Playground Pennsylvania Daytrip Destinations