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Our Visit To Ponderosa Spray Ground

Scotch Plains, NJ

Summer 2015


While we have enjoyed this park in the past few years, my kids got to be too old to play there! We haven’t gone in quite some time.  However, it’s my home town, and I often hear people complaining that it’s too hot and too messy there throughout the summer. As always you should call ahead (the town of Scotch Plains in this case), and use your discretion when going places. 

Hooray, finally a water spray ground in Central Jersey, that is not too far from us! The best part: it is free!
Ponderosa Park is brand new, just opened in 2012, right off Cooper Road in Scotch Plains. It is a beautiful playground with water spraying out of many fountains. So much fun for the kids to play with.

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Most parents take chairs and sit on the grass under the shade of trees, watching their kiddies have fun. Many bring a picnic lunch to enjoy. It is a beautiful place to spend the day.

Have to give a heads up! If your kid wants to play in the water please bring or wear WATER SHOES that can get wet and be comfy. The ground heats up like crazy, even on the mild days. It is all that rubber. My kids burned their feet the first time they went, and now we know better.  Another thing to consider is the lack of shade on the actual playground.  While the water does a lot to cool you off, there is no shade at all to protect the kids on the playground.  We always wear hats and sunscreen when playing there, it’s a must!

Over the last few years there were complaints from the local folks about the mess in the park!  I have never noticed anything too icky there, and we were there a lot last year.  This year, last time we visited, it was definitely on the messier side.  Common folks, let’s all do our part and pick up the garbage around where we sit.  After all, this park is for us and our children to enjoy! Let’s keep it clean!!! I do make sure to do our part, and take our garbage out, and pick up garbage that I see around us.  I am sure that if everyone would try to leave the park cleaner then when they got there, the park would be so much better!

There is plenty of parking available.  There are also a few tennis fields, and a nice path around the park for walking or jogging.

All in all it is a great place.  We visited it many times this year with my youngest and his friends.  My older one (13) came there once, and was bored, he wound up just sitting and reading in the shade.  The park is definitely geared toward the younger crowd.

We have enjoyed our visit to Ponderosa Spray Ground and are planning on coming back there again.

Here are a few photos:

Our Visit to Pondersosa Spray Ground Union County Destinations

Our Visit to Pondersosa Spray Ground Union County Destinations