Sewing Projects For Beginners

I have a complicated relationship with sewing.  My mom worked as a seamstress for quite a few years of my childhood.  She worked from home, which was great, because she was able to be there for us, but we saw her at work all the time.  I think because of that, for me sewing is work.  It is something I will do because I need to or have to.  Even though I rarely do it for fun, I still do it quite often.  It is a great and useful skill to have. I do make a lot of mistakes while I sew, because for me it is all a learning process, so bear with me while I figure everything out.

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What you will need to sew is a sewing machine!!! I use a simple Brother machine.  It was not expensive, but it works great.  Since sewing is a hobby, I didn’t feel like I needed to get an expensive one, and this one works great.  My sewing machine is about 10 years old, but HERE is one that’s very similar, and that I would most likely purchase to replace mine if it ever breaks.  It is basic, and definitely will do the job!

You will also need fabric.  While there are plenty of online fabric stores, I prefer to go to a local fabric shop.  It gives me the opportunity to touch and feel what I am buying, and I often find things on sale or at a smaller price in the store.  Plus it is always good to support a local business.  Here in Central Jersey I have several stores that I really enjoy.  First is Fabricland on Rt. 22, HERE is their website.  The second one is Fabric Warehouse in Rahway, HERE is their address.  The thing about Fabricland is if you are looking for something specific (neon purple poly/cotton blend with black polka dots) they will be able to help you, if you are looking for more of a general idea (colorful knits), then Fabric Warehouse will be great, and relatively inexpensive.  Jo-Ann stores, select Walmart stores, and many other places also carry fabric.

Below you will find some projects that I have worked on.

Sewing Projects For Beginners

Making A Toy Kitty Make a Toy Kitty Cat

You will find instructions and a PDF pattern file to make this cute kitty cat toy.



Make Your Own Rice Heat PackMake Your Own Rice Heat Packs

Simple, and a great present.

How To Sew An ApronHow To Sew An Apron

Two simple and fun aprons. One is more practical, and one is more fun. A great sewing project for a beginner.

How To Sew A Shopping Bag Or A PurseHow To Sew A Shopping Bag Or A Purse

I made these Shakespeare themed bags for a friend. It is an easy beginner sewing project, and I enjoyed the process. I hope you will enjoy it too.

How To Make An Easy Princess CostumeEasy Princess Costume

While it’s not exactly sewing, because very little sewing is needed for this project, I felt that it still belongs here, because it’s so wearable.  For some reason I already had everything needed to make this at home: rolls and rolls of pink sparkly tulle, a jar of gems… I just had to make something with it! This was easy enough to make, and unlike many crafts, the supplies were very inexpensive.

How To Sew A PillowcaseHow To Sew A Pillowcase

This is a great easy project for someone just starting out to sew.  It is easy, you will get to know your sewing machine, and will make something useful!

How To Sew A Circle Skirt Sewing Projects For BeginnersHow To Sew A Circle Skirt

Step by step instructions for making a simple circle skirt.   While this one is a poodle skirt, the same principle applies to any other circle skirt that you might want to make.

Recycled T-shirt DressRecycled T-shirt Outfit

This cute skirt and top are made entirely out of recycled t-shirts.  While this project does require a basic sewing machine, and a bit of sewing, it is quick, easy, and a great sewing project for a beginner.  I made it with a 9 year old girl, and she did most of the sewing.  The finished result is adorable and comfy.