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Art Update For April 2015 – Overcoming Artist Block

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To be completely honest this is not much of an update.  I have been stuck in an artistic rut of sorts.  Sometimes life takes over and just throws you into a direction where finding time for art is difficult.  It’s a place where art doesn’t go, and I have been stuck there for a while now.  On top of that, this month I had two projects that didn’t work out (as in they will go in the back of the closet and no one will EVER see them again).   I am working hard on climbing over this hypothetical wall.

Here are some things that I do when working on overcoming artist block:

1. Make a list of ideas.  There is a list in my head a mile long of projects, ideas, sketches, crafts, etc., that I want to make.  When I put them all on paper it is easy to see which ones can I work on right now, which ones I can put aside for later, and which ones are complete fails before I even start.

2. Look for inspiration folder.  For me it’s going back to look at my inspiration folder.  Yes, I have one of those.  For over 20 years I have collected clips from magazines, travel magazines, sketches, photographs, and more.  I throw them all into a folder.  When down, I can always find inspiration there.   This was before I could go on Pinterest and just look for artists that inspire me.  It is much easier now days, but I still like my folder.

3. Sketch anything, and I mean anything.  Put a cup of tea and a few apples in front of yourself and sketch that while drinking it.  I am always surprised how lovely those sketches come out, and often want to make them into a full fledged piece of art.

4. Doodle.  I doodle all the time.  While on hold with the phone company, while watching Game of Thrones, even during dinner.  I place paper and pens strategically around the house, so that when I sit there I can doodle.  It is great for generating ideas, and hopefully realizing them after.  Plus, it’s great stress relief.

5. Paint with kids.  This one is always interesting.  I find that my kids are brave: when faced with a blank canvas they just go for it.  I follow their example!

6.  Finish a project.  If you are anything like me, you have a ton of art projects, drawings and sketches unfinished, just laying around the house.  Pick one and finish it.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just has to be done.

7.  Go back to the basics.   One of my favorite things to draw is flowers.  When I feel stuck, I often go back to drawing flowers.  Drawing flowers makes me happy.  It’s as simple as that.  Drawing what makes you happy is great!

8.  Get out of your comfort zone.  This one can be tough and is the opposite of drawing what makes you happy.  Draw something you find extremely challenging.  Do three sketches of the subject.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it is a learning experience like no other.  Just do the best you can! Getting outside of your comfort zone with art will make you a better, more confident artist, and who couldn’t use a confidence boost?

9.  Set deadlines for yourself.   For example: I will make 5 sketches by the end of the week, month, 10 days, etc.  Make sure they are realistic goals, consider where else your energy and time is needed. Alternatively, you could join an art challenge or class.  Online or with a group of other local artist.  Having deadlines sometimes does wonders to help with the artist block.

10. Make time.  This one can be hard, especially when overrun with everything going on.  Set aside 30 minutes each day, or an hour a week, or whatever time works for you, and just do it.  For me it is an hour in the morning before the kids wake up, and a bit in the evening.  On the weekend, sometimes I get lucky and have an extra hour too.

Art Update:

Here is the actual art update! I am working on a sketch.  It’s a big one, and is taking me time.  I was hoping to have it ready by today, but no such luck.  It is outside of my comfort zone, and I am doing my best.

I also have some photos accumulated that need to be processed and put up.  I suppose that will happen next time as well.

In the meantime, here are a few flower coloring pages for the upcoming Mothers Day!

Mother Bird Baby Birds Coloring Page
Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Flowers Coloring Page

Tropical Flowers Coloring Page

Roses Flowers Coloring Pages