Passaic County

Some of the wonderful places that we have been to in Passaic County, NJ! We have loved each and single one of these, and there is just so much to see there! I hope you like going on our adventures with us, or go out there and enjoy some on your own!

Here are some great and amazing Passaic County destinations to check out with your family!

Our Visit To Highlands Natural PoolOur Visit To Highlands Natural Pool

Even though this year’s season is coming to an end, I hope you earmark this spot for next year. It was wonderful.

Our Visit To New Jersey Botanical Garden Passaic County DestinationsNew Jersey Botanical Garden

It is a wonderful place: beautiful, quiet, never crowded.  We make a point of going there a few times a year.  It is so nice to take a walk there, enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells, and to clear your head.  Even the kids enjoy it, a cranky teen as well.  There is also a lake nearby for some splashing fun on a hot summer day.