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Our Visit To High Point State Park

Montague Township, NJ

Few Times A Year

High Point State Park is yet another beautiful place. I feel like every other post I write starts with these words. It is especially true of High Point! With breathtaking views, it is the highest point in NJ. There is camping, miles and miles of hiking trails, a lake to swim in and sand to play with. Read more about our visit to High Point State Park below!

We come there just as a trip on it’s own, or just make a point to stop by there when we are passing by. Not once have we left disappointed. Make sure to visit their visitor center for more info.
Here is their WEBSITE.

We always have a lot of fun there. Even though the water is often icy cold the kids splash and swim, and build amazing sand castles. The lake is always clean. The hiking trails have absolutely fantastic views, and you can go as long as you like, or a shorter, more manageable trail. Besides the lake, the hiking and the monument there is also camping available in the park (complete with bathrooms and playgrounds for the visitors).

Usually, we drive all the way up to the top.  From there we hike and enjoy the view, or have a picnic and explore.  If you choose too, you can climb to the top of the monument.  It’s a lot of stairs, and a long climb.  We have done it on several occasions just for fun.  One time, when we were there with my aunt, there were hundreds of ladybugs all over the monument.  It is one of my favorite memories from High Point.

On our most recent visit we were actually going to see Luna Parc on their open house. We did see Luna Parc, it was interesting to explore. Just fyi, they do open houses once in a spring and once in a fall, you can find out more on their website or facebook page. Here are some of our kiddos exploring.

Our Visit To High Point State Park

After the visit to Luna Parc, I realized how close to High Point we were. Never the one to say no to wide open spaces, off we went. It never disappoints! Still the same beautiful views and lots to explore.

Our Visit To High Point State Park Our Visit To High Point State Park

Nearby is the Space Farm Zoo (which is on my bucket list for this coming summer to visit), and if you are in the area make sure to stop by the Holland American Bakery. The pastries they have are amazingly yummy.  HERE is their website for more info. As you drive through the area, especially closer to the end of summer, you will also notice a lot of local farms selling their delicious produce.

Our Visit To High Point State Park Sussex County Destinations

Our Visit To High Point State Park Sussex County Destinations