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Camping At Dingmans Campground in Dingmans Ferry PA

Dingmans Ferry, PA

Every Year since 2015

Unfortunately our most recent experience in the early fall of 2018 left me stunned and short for words. I can no longer recommend that people take their families there. We were sitting around a campfire at about 1o:30 pm at night. Quietly talking. The kids were in their tent giggling. The campground was pretty empty, so the kids giggling was not bothering anyone. There were two rangers that stopped to tell us to quiet the kids down. Which would have been fine, except for the rangers’ aggressive behavior. They treated us like we were criminals in front of our kids. Ran background checks, asked us if we had weapons, told us to not move, sit down, take our hands out of our pockets. It was quite upsetting to both parents and the kids. The kids were crying and upset, and the parents worked up. No one could sleep afterwards. We had no alcohol, were not provoking anyone, were respectful toward the rangers, and the only thing that was happening were giggling children. I went as far as to write a letter to the campground, but never got a response.   Unfortunately, after years of going there and loving every minute, I will be looking for a new campground for our family and friends. 

Hi folks! I wrote this post when we went camping for the first time after a long hiatus. We have been back to Dingman’s Campground every year since then. Twice a year, as a matter of fact. I am still as excited to go there as that first time. It is a great place to spend your weekend, and a good camping spot whether it is your first time camping, or even if you are a pro.

Our Visit To Dingmans Campground

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Our Visit To Spruce Run And Round Valley State Parks

Clinton and Lebanon Township, New Jersey

Every Summer

We love camping! My husband and I used to go with friends before we were married. Then, after we were married, it was with our nephews when they were young, then with our nephews and their friends. After that it was our nephews, their friends and our kids. Now for quite a few years it is just us and our two kids, even though friends and nephews make a brief entrance once in a while, it is mostly just us. However, no matter who we go with, it’s always relaxing and fun.  Unfortunately for the last year we haven’t been able to go overnight because of our puppies, but we still enjoy going there for a day and swimming in the lake.

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Our Visit To High Point State Park

Montague Township, NJ

Few Times A Year

High Point State Park is yet another beautiful place. I feel like every other post I write starts with these words. It is especially true of High Point! With breathtaking views, it is the highest point in NJ. There is camping, miles and miles of hiking trails, a lake to swim in and sand to play with. Read more about our visit to High Point State Park below!

Camping Fun Hiking Trails Rivers and Lakes State Parks

Our Visit To Ithaca

Robert H. Treman State Park

Ithaca, NY

June 2016

To be completely honest this is not exactly a day trip.  We drove for 4 hours to Ithaca NY, and stayed there overnight in Robert H. Treman State Park.  Here is our new and updated visit to Ithaca, NY.

Our Visit To Robert H. Treman State Park in Ithaca

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