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Our Visit To Bowcraft

This was fun while it lasted, but Bowcraft now is nothing but a lovely memory. It shut down in 2019, sold, and redeveloped for condos. Thank you for the memories. 

Bowcraft is a fun little amusement park in Union County, NJ. It is right on Rt. 22 in Scotch Plains.

We have gone there many times. They have several ways you can pay for rides. You can either purchase a full day pass, or you can buy individual tickets and use them for the rides. If you have one kid and are just making it a quick stop for a few rides, individual tickets is the way to go. However, if you’d like to spend some time there, they have several deals that you can take advantage of. For example, they have a night pass, where after 5 pm the pass is $12.95. That’s the one we like. From 5 until closing gives you plenty of time to try out all the rides, and it won’t be as hot as during the day (the park gets little shade and becomes hot quickly).

I always thought the rides were more geared towards the younger crowd. My youngest and his friends love it. My older one, almost 12, and other 12-13 year old friends and family we’ve brought there seem to be less enthusiastic about the rides. Maybe they feel they are too cool for it, but deep in their heart still have a blast. 😉 There are a few rides the older guys do like, but only a few. For the younger ones, however, it’s a blast!
Here is their WEBSITE with directions, hours and pricing.

There is also an indoor arcade there as well.  Even though I felt like it could use an upgrade, I saw the big kids enjoying it very much!

We spend a lot of time on bumper cars!

Our Visit To Bowcraft Amusement Park Our Visit To Bowcraft Amusement Park