Morris County

Some of the wonderful places that we have been to in Morris County, NJ! We have loved each and single one of these, and there is just so much to see there! I hope you like going on our adventures with us, or go out there and enjoy some on your own!

Here are some wonderful Morris County destinations to check out with your family!

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Our Visit To Great Swam National Wildlife RefugeThe Great Swamp  National Wildlife Refuge


This is a lovely hike through the swamp, mostly going on boardwalks. Easy for kids and adults, with lots to explore.

Our Visit To Raptor TrustOur Visit To Raptor Trust

This is not the first time that we visit Raptor Trust in Millington.  It is always a great and wonderful experience.

Our Visit To Willowwood ArboretumWillowwood Arboretum

What an amazing place this is!! We went there this week and enjoyed it beyond measure. A great place to bring kids to explore nature’s wonders.

Our Visit To Morris Museum Morris County DestinationsMorris Museum

It is a very kid friendly museum, with classes and exhibits that cater to kids, yet it has plenty appeal for adults.  It also houses the Guinness Collection of Instruments & Automata, and that is something to see!!!

Our Visit To Stony Hill Farm Corn Maze Morris County DestinationsStony Hill Farm Corn Maze

We went to Stony Hill Farm 10 acre corn maze in Chester, NJ. It was great. We got lost, but eventually found our way out. There are many activities to do for kids there, and it makes for a happy day.

Our Visit To Hillview Farms Morris CountyHillview Farms

Hillview Farms has some wonderful locally grown fruits, vegetables and flowers. It also has some amazing views. You can pick your own produce or buy from their store.

Our Visit To Alstede Farms Morris County DestinationsAlstede Farms

Alstede Farms is a great place to go and pick your own fruit. Many are organically grown. Lots of fun activities for kids to do.