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Our Visit To Chincoteague Island

Morning after we finished our crazy single day adventure at Washington D.C. we headed out, sore feet and all, down to Chincoteague Island. It was a three hour ride, which was not bad. Remember, this was mid May, so the weather was rainy, foggy and chilly. Not beach weather at all. I am very happy that we had this magical fog with us on the island. It was cool, and beautiful.

Our Visit To Chincoteague Island

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Our Visit To Island Beach State Park

Over the last few summers we got to explore a new to us beach: Island Beach State Park.  What a wonderful place it is!! While we have not had the chance to visit every beach in NJ, we have been to a few: Belmar (which was awesome), Keansburg (nope), Seven Presidents (it was alright), Point Pleasant (fun and crowded boardwalk, with lots of rides and activities), Sandy Hook (love going there), and more.  The Island Beach State Park was a completely amazing beach, unlike any other beach that I had the chance to experience in NJ before.

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Our Visit to Sandy Hook Lighthouse

We go to Sandy Hook often, and several times we have done the tour of the light house. In fact, we have been there since our visit in 2017, and it is still as lovely, and educational as ever. 

(2017) At first we had a class with a homeschool group to the Marsh and Ocean Environments Program (it is a full day program, and if you want more information, you can click HERE.)  The program was all day.  First we met in Fort Hancock, by the area next to the Lighthouse. The kids listened to a short lecture before heading to the beach to explore. During the lecture we met this amazing Killdeer mama bird:

Beach Fun National Parks

Our Visit To Sandy Hook National Park

Sandy Hook, NJ

Every Summer

NJ has many beautiful beaches down the shore. There is a beach for every taste, there are party beaches, quiet beaches, beaches with roller coaster rides, aquariums, water parks, hiking, habitats and so much more fun.