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Our Visit To Princeton University and Art Museum

Princeton, NJ

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One of my kids has an activity close to Princeton that lasts half  day.  It is way too far for me to be able to come home, so usually my seven year old and I have a few hours to kill in Princeton.  It is wonderful.  I have wanted to explore Princeton for years now, but never had the chance.   I am very glad I have this opportunity now.

Our Visit To Princeton University and Princeton Art Museum

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Our Visit To NY Renaissance Faire

Tuxedo, NY

August 2017

We have been meaning to go the NY Renaissance Faire for years now.  Ever since my parents moved nearby.  We even attempted it once, but got scared away by the crowd of people gathering, and the severe lack of parking.  Do not get scared away! It is worth it!  Since that first visit, it became an annual tradition to head there. 

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Our Visit To Morris Museum

Morristown, NJ

March 2016

I just realized that I have never written a word about this place, the Morris Museum in Morristown NJ.  We have gone there every year for the past three years.  It is a very kid friendly museum, with classes and exhibits that cater to kids, yet it has plenty appeal for adults.  There is plenty to see: we have come when they had the Lego exhibition, there are amazing trains, fossil collection and much more.  You can spend a good hour walking around and exploring.  Their collections and displays change often, and they have several permanent exhibitions, but the heart of this museum is the Murtogh D. Guinness collection of automata and instruments: musical machines and living dolls.  It is an amazing collection and nothing of the sort did I see before.  They run live demos every Tuesday through Sunday at 2 pm, it is free to attend with admission.

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Our Visit To Mercer Museum

Doylestown, PA

November 2016

This spring the kids and I took a trip to the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA. For my two boys a fun museum is a difficult thing to find. They love The Museum of Natural History, but are somewhat warm to art museums, no matter how much I like them. The Mercer Museum really hit the spot for them. We came not knowing what to expect and found it to be a fascinating place with so much to explore.


Our Visit To Museum Of Natural History


March 2012

We made it out to the city to go and see the Museum of Natural History. The older guy loves archeology stuff right now, and the little one is into anything space related.


Our Visit To Franklin Mineral Museum

Franklin, NJ

July 2012

Franklin Mineral Museum is another entertaining place. We got to go to the quarry, pick rocks and bring them in large buckets to the UV light shack. 

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Our Visit To Statue Of Liberty

Liberty Island, NJ

October 2013

Statue Of Liberty is going in both NJ trips and NY trips.  It’s a destinations for both.

This is our second trip to the Statue Of Liberty as a family. After being there once only a few years ago, I don’t know if we would have made this second trip so soon. However, this time my aunt was visiting from Odessa, Ukraine. We decided to go there and enjoy it together.

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Our Visit To Liberty Hall Museum

Kean University, New Jersey

September 2015

“Built in 1772, on the eve of the American Revolution, Liberty Hall has been a silent witness to more than 200 years of American history. “– retrieved on 12/5/2014, from

Even though fall is a busy time for us with learning, and regular activities like art and soccer, we did squeeze in a trip to the Liberty Hall Museum at Kean University. We were very pleasantly surprised at how much fun the trip turned out to be.


Our Visit To Zimmerli Art Museum

New Brunswick, NJ

December 2017

I graduated from Rutgers and after being there for five years I have passed by Zimmerli Museum a million times.  I am embarrassed to say that I only went there once, and it was a very quick visit.  I used to take a lot of Art History courses in Voorhees Lecture Hall, and never took more than a moment to stop at that beautiful museum.  Maybe it had something to do with having a newborn while in college, but now the kids are older and we can enjoy such outings. 

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Our Visit To New Jersey State Museum

Trenton, NJ

October 2016

This summer was our very first time that we made it to the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton.  What a wonderful and surprising experience it was.  We all absolutely loved it.