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Art Update August 2015

August was an interesting month around here.  Aside from trying to get back into the swing of things we had a lot of unexpected unpleasantness.  Little things: car trouble, a bit of health trouble, a few doctor visits, a flash flood, gas leak, several appliances that broke, etc.  Nothing major, but when a lot of them combined and attacked together it was more difficult to deal with.  Oh well, we all do what we have to do, and I like to find the silver lining, and am so happy that we were able to address each situation and move past it.

In terms of art however, there are some amazing things happening. Continue reading “Art Update August 2015”

Art Update July 2015

I’m late with this update, but here it is!

There is actually quite a bit.

First of all, it’s summer time, and for me that means that I get to sort all the art supplies from the previous school year. I get to throw out the unusable stuff, put aside the new/usable stuff for the next year, and use up all the little bits that are left over. Continue reading “Art Update July 2015”

Art Update June 2015

I am afraid that there is not much to the Art Update June 2015 right now.  Life is pretty busy, and has me running around in circles sometimes.

Art Update June 2015

I am working on some coloring pages, and creating a new banner.  I did however finish this awesome drawing of my grandmother.  Working on it helped me realize that I would like to draw portraits more often.

Art Update June 2015

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Art Update For April 2015 – Overcoming Artist Block

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To be completely honest this is not much of an update.  I have been stuck in an artistic rut of sorts.  Sometimes life takes over and just throws you into a direction where finding time for art is difficult.  It’s a place where art doesn’t go, and I have been stuck there for a while now.  On top of that, this month I had two projects that didn’t work out (as in they will go in the back of the closet and no one will EVER see them again).   I am working hard on climbing over this hypothetical wall.

Here are some things that I do when working on overcoming artist block:

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Great Books For Grown Ups

I love to read, and used to read all the time, sometimes several books at the same time. Last year I woke up one morning and, with horror, realized that I haven’t read one book worth mentioning in the entire year. Sure, I read a few: textbooks, child development books, articles, technical books, even a sappy romance novel or two, but nothing that I truly enjoyed or remembered. I turned to the well-read people of facebook. I asked my friends list on facebook for book recommendations. It turned out into a great discussion about books, and this is a list I got from it. Some of the books I have read, and some I am going to read. I am planning on reading as many as I can on this list. Please enjoy this wonderful list of great books! Continue reading “Great Books For Grown Ups”

50 Great Picture Books

I love picture books! Love them! I love reading to my kids and even though some days they seem too old for it I do it anyway. There are so many books for this age. When they were younger my boys don’t only enjoy being read to, they loved any book that they can explore. Books that had textures, made sounds and moved when the pages opened were a big hit. There are so many wonderful books like that, too many to list here, so here is just a few. The first ten books or so are great for babies, with bigger books in the rest of the list. I hope you enjoy these 50 great picture books as much as we did!

50 Great Picture Books For Young Kids

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