Middlesex County

Some of the wonderful places that we have been to in Middlesex County, NJ! We have loved each and single one of these, and there is just so much to see there! I hope you like going on our adventures with us, or go out there and enjoy some on your own!

Here are some wonderful Middlesex County destinations to check out with your family!

Our Visit To Rutgers Geology MuseumRutgers Geology Museum

Rutgers Geology Museum is small, but fun. Our crew has easily spent close to 2 hours there, having a blast on a cold winter day.

Rollerskating Rinks in NJRoller Rinks In NJ

Rollerskating is a relatively new activity for us.  The kids absolutely love it, and we have tried two different rinks so far. Join us as we explore the different roller rinks in NJ.

Our Visit To Rutgers GardensOur Visit To Rutgers Gardens

I love visiting Rutgers Gardens.  It is such an amazing place to spend the day with family.

Our Visit To Johnson Park Middlesex County DestinationsOur Visit to Johnson Park

We have recently discovered Johnson Park. Located in Middlesex County, it is a sprawling, 473 acre park and home to Johnson Park Zoo. Lots to explore there!

Our Visit To Yestercades Middlesex County DestinationsOur Visit To Yestercades

Take a look at how our visit to Yestercades of Somerville went. The kids had a lot of fun in this exciting arcade.

Our Visit To Thomas Edison Memorial Tower in Edison NJThomas Edison Center At Menlo Park

We went for a tour at this great little Thomas Edison Center.  It was a wonderful way to get to know Edison better.  The staff was knowledgeable, and the tour was interesting, even for the youngest kids.

Our Visit To Zimmerly Art Museum Middlesex County DestinationsZimmerli Art Museum

Even though I graduated from Rutgers, I haven’t really been in the Zimmerli Art Museum throughout my years there.  This time, grandpa insisted that we go, so into the car everyone went, and down to Zimmerli.  It was a wonderful experience, and the entire family had a great time!  The museum is filled with amazing works of art.  It is one of those magical buildings that look small from the outside, but huge once you are inside it. We all loved it, and I will be back!

BuildABearBuild-A-Bear Workshop

Several years ago we visited our local Build-A-Bear Workshop with my two boys, and my niece.  While it was rather expensive, the younger kids STILL love the toys that they have made there.  Read more about our experience there.

Our Visit To NJ State Theater Middlesex County DestinationsNJ State Theater

Often we go to see the school time productions at the NJ State Theater. It is a great experience for the kids, we love it.  Plus some of our favorite places to eat.