DIY Jewelry

DIY Jewelry Tutorials

Over the past few years I have found that I enjoy making jewelry more and more.  Normally, I would prefer to draw and paint, but sometimes there isn’t enough time, or there is too much stress for me to be able to sit down and enjoy it to it’s fullest.  Handmade jewelry helps me to unwind and relax.  It is to me what knitting or crocheting is to a lot of people: just a nice relaxing thing to do while watching tv after a long day.  I usually work on jewelry projects in between art projects.

As I make more and more jewelry using all sorts of materials, I realized that it deserves it’s own section on our website.  Here it is!  Here you will find various DIY jewelry tutorials with lots of photos.  I hope that you can enjoy making some of these projects yourself!!!

See New Projects:

How To Make A Boho Bead and Leather Wrap BraceletHow To Make A Boho Leather Wrap Bracelet

It is easier to make then it seems.

How To Make A Leather NecklaceLeather and Metal Necklace

This was a fun project, and the first time I ever cut my own sheet metal!

How To Make A Leather Tassel How to Make a Leather Tassel

Everything you own might need a tassel.

Multi-Strand Leather Necklace and BraceletMulti-Strand Leather Necklace and Bracelet

Easy to make a necklace or a bracelet using leather, silk, beads, and more.

Easy Beaded Christmas Tree EarringsChristmas Tree Earrings

This makes an excellent, quick and easy gift for any lady that celebrates Christmas: a friend, a teacher, a neighbor or a relative!

Recycled Plastic Bottle Earrings InstructionsRecycled Plastic Bottle Earrings.

I made these earrings out of recycled plastic seltzer bottle. They were easy to make, and are light to wear.

Recycled Aluminum Can Butterfly JewelryAluminum Can Butterflies

Make these butterflies from aluminum cans and turn them into anything you like. I made necklaces and earrings, and already gave a many as little gifts.

Bead And Wire Cherry Blossom Necklace Instructions Happy Family Art DIY JewelryCherry Blossom Pendant

This pendant is made from wire and beads. Make it into anything you want: pendant, earrings, or incorporate it as a part of a bigger project.

How To Make Beaded Dragonfly Earrings DIY JewelryBeaded Dragonfly Earrings

These earrings were fun and easy to make. They are pretty, a good size, and light.

Lace Cuff Bracelet Tutorial BraceletsLace Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

These bracelets are made out of recycled materials, fabric scraps and lace. I made a whole bunch in all sorts of color combinations.


More DIY Jewelry:


Earrings can be a lot of fun to make.  They are usually a quick thing for me.  For now there are just a few tutorials here, but I will add many more as I go.  Usually I use beads, but you can use feathers, wire, fimo clay, and much more.


Bracelets are so much fun to make.  Beaded ones are always nice, but I enjoy using different sort of materials for my bracelets: felt, leather, recycled stuff.  The possibilities are endless!


Necklaces are probably my favorite type of jewelry to make.  I like that they can me as minimal or as elaborate and loud as you want.

Other Shiny Things

Here are some jewelry diy projects that I couldn’t organize into neat categories.  They are shiny though!