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Hello and  welcome to HappyFamilyArt, where you will find fun places to visit around NJ, art lessons, craft instructions, coloring pages and more! Here you will find our happy family learning, traveling, making art and having fun!

happy family artNJ Travels

Here you will find all sorts of fun day trips all over New Jersey and surrounding states.  You can read about our family’s experiences there and hopefully get out and have fun! Also, be sure to check out our very popular list of FREE OR INEXPENSIVE PLACES FOR FAMILY FUN IN AND AROUND NJ.

happy family artArt Lessons

Take a look at the many art lessons we have.  So far there is acrylic, watercolor, how to draw, amazing coloring pages and more!

You can also explore our JEWELRY DIY INSTRUCTONS, our CRAFTY THINGS TUTORIALS to see many great craft ideas and tutorials, or the SEWING area.  We also have a section dedicated to OUR ART.  Also, please be sure to check out our ETSY STORE. 

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Take a look at what’s new at Happy Family Art:

Our visit to DrumthwacketOur Visit To Drumthwacket

We had the chance to visit Drumthwacket, the official residence of the Governor of NJ. It was an experience I wanted to share here.

Adult Coloring Pages Nature Patterns AbstractColoring Pages

I finished my fourth coloring book! This book has 16 beautiful pages filled with fairies, flowers, butterflies, and more.  As always, there is a free coloring page here!

How to draw rosesHow To Draw Roses

Step by step tutorial on how to draw roses from three different points of view, and then color them in using colored pencils.

Recycled Mosaic Tiles Art LessonEarth Day Recycled Mosaic Art Lesson

This is most certainly one of my favorite art lessons to do with kids. It takes a bit of prep time, but really worth it!

Making Coloring Pages From Photographs Using GimpColoring Pages From Photographs

Two tutorials for two different methods to making a coloring page from photograph in Gimp.

Fun Watercolor Galaxy and Space Paintings Fun Space and Galaxy Watercolor Paintings. 

These paintings allowed me to explore watercolor techniques, while having a great time with the process.

Our Visit To Longwood Gardens Pennsylvania Daytrip DestinationsAwesome Photography Tips

I have created this page so that I can share all the photography tips, tricks and techniques that I have learned along the way.

Painting Daisies Using Negative Watercolor PaintingPainting Daisies

Tutorial for drawing and painting daisies using negative watercolor painting technique.  I found the process to be very enjoyable and fun.

Embroidery Hoop Star MapEmbroidery Hoop Star Map

Step by step instructions on how to make this fairly accurate embroidery hoop star map.  Fairly easy, though a few mistakes were made, and makes a great gift!

Rollerskating Rinks in NJRoller Rinks In NJ

Rollerskating is a relatively new activity for us.  The kids absolutely love it, and we have tried two different rinks so far. Join us as we explore the different roller rinks in NJ.

Air Dry Clay Art Projects Or Adventures With ClayClay Adventure

It was an adventure: trying to find a great, non toxic, air dry clay for art class. I have tried several, each one with it’s unique properties and projects.

Our Visit To Liberty Science CenterLiberty Science Center

We had an amazing time at Liberty Science Center.  It had so many awesome exhibits for everyone to explore.  Kids big and small were very happy to be there.

Homemade Watercolor Paint and InkHomemade Watercolor Paints

We made these great homemade watercolor paints and alcohol based ink. There were bubbling chemical reactions and fun painting. The kids and I loved it!

finalFaceHow To Color In A Face

Detailed, step by step tutorial on how to color in a face.  There are two versions here: one on a pastel paper, and one on a regular printing paper.

Our Visit To Rutgers GardensRutgers Gardens

I am embarrassed to say that we have never visited Rutgers Gardens.  It is such an amazing place to spend the day with family, I can’t wait to do it again.

Our Visit To Willowwood ArboretumWillowwood Arboretum

What an amazing place this is!! We went there this week and enjoyed it beyond measure.  A great place to bring kids to explore nature’s wonders.