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Grounds For Sculpture

Grounds For Sculpture

Hamilton, New Jersey

I am so happy that we finally made it to the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton NJ.  We loved every minute of this trip.  This place is beautiful and has so much magic in it.  Everyone enjoyed it: the parents and the kids.  There was so much to see there.

New Jersey State Museum And Capitol Building

New Jersey State Museum

Trenton, New Jersey

This was such a wonderful place to visit with so much to see.  It was really easy to get to, exciting for both the kids and adults, educational, and inexpensive.  I would recommend that anyone residing in our beautiful state visits the NJ State Museum, Planetarium, and The Capitol Building.  Whether you have children or not, this is a great day trip destination!

Fun Books For Teens and Pre-teens

Fun Books For Pre-Teens And Teens

I promise to stop making book lists for a while, right after this one!  This list contains some really fun reads for pre-teens and teenagers in your life.  Take a look!  All of these were read by my 13 year old son. I hope you like them as well.

25 Great Chapter Books

25 Wonderful Chapter Books

As you can see I am making book lists.  Is your child ready to read more then picture books? This is a list of 25 wonderful chapter books for young readers that has it covered. There are many excellent choices here. We read and loved all of these!

50 Great Picture Books For Young Kids

50 Great Picture Books For Young Kids

 Check out this list of 50 of our favorite picture books.  My boys loved all of these when they were little, and the younger one still enjoys many of them every night at bedtime. 

Pearl Bracelet Pattern

Black and White Pearl Bracelet

 I am on a jewelry making kick at the moment as I work through a few other projects that I have started.  I made this bracelet using black and white pearls and seed beads.  It can be very meditative, I hope you enjoy it.

Simple Feather Earrings

Simple Feather Earrings

 Here you will find how to make these simple feather earrings. Feather earrings keep showing up everywhere, and while some folks don't like them, I know many that do.  If feather earrings are your thing, make some to wear, or to give to someone that would love them!

Tomahawk Lake In New Jersey

Tomahawk Lake

Sparta, New Jersey

This place has been on my "Places To Visit" list for a few years now.  I am so happy we finally made it here.  My kids are just the right age to enjoy all the waterslides there.  It is a wonderful water park to visit with family this summer!

Colonial Park In Somerset NJ

Colonial Park

Somerset, New Jersey

What a great park this is!  It has so many things for kids and adults to do: a beautiful Rose Garden, an amazing playground, a fun game of mini-golf, paddle boats, a walking or biking path, and hiking trail. This park is not to be missed!

Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit NJ

Reeves-Reed Arboretum

 Summit, New Jersey

This was a lovely place to visit.  We enjoyed a hike as a family, strolled through the gardens, and sat around for a while in a very nice meditative spot.

Free Places To Visit In NJ

Free Or Almost Free Places To Visit With Family In NJ

 This is a list of free or very inexpensive places that are fun destinations to go to with kids and family.  Many of them we have been to, but some are on my bucket list for this summer.  All of the places are either with free admission, or offer free days, or have a very small entrance fee.   

Silk Flower Necklace Instructions

Silk Flower Necklace

 See detailed step-by-step directions with pictures for every step for how to make these fabric flowers and turn them into a beautiful necklace.  There is an infinite amount of ways that you can make this necklace, plus you can take it above that and make many more things with these flowers!

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Free Art Lessons

Art Lessons 

Lots of art lessons for many mediums, step by step instructions with many pictures.

Free Craft Instructions and Ideas

Craft Instructions

 Many different crafts and patterns: recycled crafts, some sewing, beading and more.

Art HIstory For Kids

Art History For Kids

Art lessons for children based on artists throughout history, to help foster love of art!

1000 Photos Project

1000 Photos Project

These are some of the photos that I take as I work on improving my photography.

Mosaics by Valentin Kovalyov


Mosaics made by Valentin Kovalyov.  He is an amazing mosaic artist! 

Art by Mariya Kovalyov

My Art

 Some of the drawngs and paintings that I have made through the years.

Nj Travels Wih Kids

Our Travels

We go on many trips in NY, NJ and PA.  Find them here, with photos, websites and direcations.



We read a lot!  Here are our book lists, favorites and most recent books that we have read.

Jewelry tutoials and patterns

Jewelry Tutorials

I often make jewelry as a way to relax and meditate.  Here are tutorials for handmade jewelry. 

Illustrations by Mariya Kovalyov

 My Illustrations

Some of the illustration projects that I have worked on in the past few years.  

Random thoughts and ideas

Random Musings

Sometimes my thoughts need their own category.  This page is a work in progress!

Awesome Links

Awesome Links

Some interesting pages build by other wonderful people.