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Louis Comfort Tiffany


An art lesson based on the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany and Tiffany Studios.  After exploring Tiffany's work, we made our own faux stained glass paintings.  The results were really beautiful!

Watercolor Water Lilies

Many wonderful artists have painted water lilies, Claude Monet probably the most well known.  I decided to make this quick lesson of how to draw water lilies, and paint it in with watercolor paint.  First I did a drawing in markers for different flowers, and then the painting, taking lots of photos along the way!

Georges Seurat


An art lesson based on Georges Seurat's works and theories. This was such a fun lesson for kids, both mine and the art class.  We explored his work, looked at his theory of Chromoluminarism, and made wonderful Pointillism paintings.

Morris Museum

 Morristown, New Jersey

We have gone to this place so many times, and I just today realized that I never posted anyting about it.  It was a great experience for the boys and myself, and I highly recommend it!

Environment Education Center

 Lord Stirling, New Jersey

We had a lovely hike there this past fall, click on the link above or the photo to read more about it.  I especially liked that this hike was so great for younger kids.

Finger Painting

 Finger painting is not only for kids, it is fun and relaxing and has quite a history.  Many artists throughout time have used their fingers for their art.  When the kids asked me to do it with them, here is what we did.  It was amazingly fun for everyone!

Styrofoam Art Prints

I have been seeing different sites with folks doing prints using recycled styrofoam containers.  What a neat idea it is!  Before trying it out with the group of kids I do art classes with, I decided to try it together with my kids. Here are the awesome results we got!

Magic Wands Craft

I always see some amazing things that awesomely creative people make out of paint swatches. Here is what I usually make: Magic Wands. Because who doesn't need a bit of magic here and there. These are made from recycled wooden skewers and free paint swatches. They are very easy, quick and fun.

Fun Mural Lesson To Do With Kids

This is a great lesson for a group of kids to work together on.  It was so much fun to do, and had produced a lot of giggles.  The kids worked together using markers, watercolor paint and watercolor pencils to create this underwater scene. 

Felt Crowns

Awesome sparkly sequin felt crowns.  Great for any day of the week.  Wear them around the house or while going grocery shopping.  Or you could just make them with your little ones, for fun, on a cold winter day.  Makes an awesome birthday crown.

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