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Our Visit To New Hope and Lambertville

New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ

We go there so often, that I just couldn’t put a date on it.

We haven’t gone away on vacation for quite some time. Between little kids, finances, dog, house, grandparents it is just a little difficult. We do, however, have a favorite local spot to which we go every few months to get away. It’s the Lambertville NJ – New Hope PA area. Many things that we would want to find while vacationing we have found there in abundance.

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Rafting on Delaware River

Matamoras, PA

Every Summer

At least once a year in the summer time we like to get a cooler full of sandwiches and drinks, throw on our swimming suits and go rafting. There are so many great places along the Delaware Water Gap to rent a raft from.

Rafting on Delaware

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New Jersey Botanical Garden

Ringwood, NJ

We go there a few times a year!

New Jersey Botanical Garden is located in Ringwood, NJ. It is beautiful, quiet and never crowded place. We love it there. They have many plants, so no matter what season you choose to go there there is something to see. For me, my favorite time of the year to go is in mid May, so that I can catch the lilac tree grove in bloom. Another great time is in August, to see the waterlillies. Of course, early spring is great to, with all the bright spring colors and cherry blossoms.

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Our Visit To Ithaca

Robert H. Treman State Park

Ithaca, NY

June 2016

To be completely honest this is not exactly a day trip.  We drove for 4 hours to Ithaca NY, and stayed there overnight in Robert H. Treman State Park.  Here is our new and updated visit to Ithaca, NY.

Our Visit To Robert H. Treman State Park in Ithaca

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Our Visit To Colonial Park

Somerset, NJ

October 2017

A while ago my husband and I were talking to another bike riding enthusiast and he highly recommended to check out Colonial Park in Somerset, NJ.  He was telling us about the wonderful biking trails, and the lake, and paddle boats, and a great playground for kids, and a garden.  When a friend that lives nearby there invited us to come out and check out the park during their annual Rose Festival, we couldn’t resist.

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Our Visit To Tomahawk Lake

Sparta, NJ

June 2014

When my husband was off for a week this June, we wanted to go to a water park.  After a bit of looking it was decided that we should go to Tomahawk Lake in Sparta, NJ.  This place has been on our to visit list for a few years now, so we packed our cooler with lunch, grabbed towels and a change of clothes and headed that way.